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Published on May 7, 2016
The all out assault against the planet being waged by the human race continues to expand and intensify. Catastrophic forest fires connected directly to the effercts of climate engineering are raging completely out of control from Fort McMurry, Canada, to Manitoba, to the Himalayas.
Deadly radiation spewing from the Fukushima nuclear volcano is contributing to the countless other sources of anthropogenic contamination which are rapidly poisoning our formerly thriving planet. Is the Fukushima fallout the greatest source radiation danger to the US West Coast? Or is there an even greater radiation threat that is largely unknown to the US public and that is being aggressively hidden by those in power? The massive nuclear nightmare in Hanford, Washington is just such a threat.
The power structure, the "public protection" agencies they control, and the corporate media that represents them all, are constantly and actively engaged in the effort to hide the severity of the converging catastrophes from the population for as long as possible. Will the masses finally turn their eyes to the horizon and wake up in time to make a difference?
Yes, the horizon is dark indeed, but does that fact exempt any of us from our obligation to press on in the battle to sound the alarm until we reach a critical mass of awareness? No. Make your voice heard efficiently and effectively by passing on credible data to those that are still unaware of the rapidly gathering storm on many fronts and the climate engineering insanity in our skies. Make every day count in the all important battle to sound the alarm.

We Can’t Blame These Manipulators For Everything. Why Do We Ignore The Obvious?

May 6th, 2016 Posted by Self Sustained

I have a hard time with people not being willing to recognize what’s obviously in front of their faces. It’s a voluntary mind game people play with themselves to justify whatever it is they think they want. This is massively exacerbated by an array of social engineering tactics, many of which are to create the very mind sets and desires people so adamantly defend.

But that’s no excuse for a lack of simple conscious recognition and frankly makes absolutely no sense.

We can’t blame these manipulators for everything. Ultimately we all have free choice. Plainly seeing what’s right in front of our noses, no matter how well sold or disguised, is our human responsibility. That people would relinquish this innate right and capability totally escapes me.

The Handwriting On the Wall

Actually, it’s much more obvious than even that. Pointless wars costing millions of innocent lives, poisoned food, air and water, demolished resources, manipulated economies run by elitist bankers who nonchalantly lend money with conditions for “interest”, corporate profiteering at any cost to humanity, a medical system built on sickness instead of health, media mindmush poisoning children and adults alike, draconian clampdowns for any reason, and on and on.

Why is this not obvious to people that something is seriously wrong, and clearly intended to be just the way it is? Do they really think it’s gonna iron itself out, especially with clearly psychopathic power mad corrupt maniacs in charge?

That’s what they’ll tell you. “Give it time, we’re just going through a hiccup. Everything works out…” yada yada. Why? Because that’s what they want to believe. And the constructed world system is waiting with open arms to reinforce that insanity. And “Heck, if millions of others feel the same as me I can’t possibly be wrong.”

Fear of Drawing Conclusions

That’s pretty much the bottom line. Acceptance for seeming security. However, if even one of these inroads of control vectors becomes clear to people then their whole world threatens to turn upside down. When two or more start appearing then the discomfort becomes quite intense, and that’s when the decision takes place. Either they keep pursuing this line of awakened thought or they shut it down.

It’s all about comfort. And what a deceptive thing that is! Call it sleepwalking to oblivion or what have you, it’s endemic to today’s dumbed-down society. This is why the education system was their primary target since way back, conditioning humanity from childhood to not think analytically but to simply repeat whatever is in their carefully sculpted curriculum.

But most of all do not question authority.

We see this in the news cycle daily and how people react, or should I say don’t react. They’re taught that until the so-called authorities determine what really happened, whodunnit and all the rest, they’re not allowed to make any sort of judgement. No matter how obvious, whether it’s the “suicide” of a prominent whistleblower by several impossible gunshots to the head or clearly engineered false flag events, they won’t form a decision until they get the “signal” it’s OK to think that way.

The Cost of Cowardice

It’s not just infuriating but literally costing those very people, their children and the rest of us, our lives. We can only hold ourselves accountable for such cowardice. Each of us. Unless we stand up against it. And that is an individual choice, not a group one.

We each answer for ourselves. And once we do answer the call to wake up we take action. That’s the only rational response. We’ll tell others like there’s no tomorrow, because there may not be one if we don’t. We take appropriate action in our own lives first and move to prepare our loved ones for what may be immediate consequences of what we’ve realized is going on and how to avoid or mitigate it. We change our eating and buying habits, we re-evaluate our livelihood, personal attachments and living conditions.

All the while intelligently yet passionately sharing what we’ve discovered to be true and the possible consequences.

That’s called waking up. And it’s not comfortable. It’s a lot of hard work, and takes a lot of courage. But really we’re only acting in a responsible manner when we do so, simply doing what’s right. It’s not that big of a deal – unless our priority is how we appear to others, and keeping old patterns of behavior and possessions that we call “comforts”.

How misleading can anything be?

They say a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out. I heartily agree.

Waking Up Is A Choice

No one can take away our right to choose. We can comply with circumstances or we can make our own path. We can be true to the truth at any time we choose, or we can go along with the deceit and cover up all around us and just get by, thinking that’s the way of self preservation.

Cover your ass, as they say. It’s insane to the core.

The irony is that that is the biggest lie of all. What happens to one happens to all. When innocents are being slaughtered, whether next door or in some far away land, those are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. If we allow this inhumanity to man to flourish it will soon consume all of humanity at the hands of those who think they have the most to gain.

We live in such a world. We have to face it for what it is and respond. That’s the only conscious choice. Not in anger or fear, but in full awareness and an overwhelming love for truth and our fellow man.

It’s the only choice.

Choose – and act – wisely. Don’t shirk it. We all suffer as a result.

Know that to the bone…because it’s the Truth.

P.J. O’Rourke: ‘Even Bernie Sanders hasn’t come up with anything this ridiculous’

From P.J. O’Rourke in Stansberry Digest:

Central banks are not where I usually go for comedy. But negative interest rates are hilarious.

Banks want to pay you to borrow money from them. Even Bernie Sanders hasn’t come up with anything this ridiculous.

It’s as if you’re walking down a dark street and a mugger steps out of an alley, holds a gun to your head, and demands that you take his wallet, iPhone, and car keys.

Except you aren’t laughing. Somebody’s still holding a gun to your head – no matter what he’s telling you to do. It must be some kind of rip-off. And it is.

Central banks don’t really want to pay you to borrow their money. What they want is for you to pay a fee for lending your money to them.

You make a deposit in a bank. The deposit is a loan to the bank. Your deposit earns negative interest. When the bank repays your loan – that is, when you withdraw your deposit – you get back less than you put in.

We’re all familiar with this business transaction. At my house, I call it “loaning money to my daughter.”

It’s a brilliant, can’t-lose business model for banks. The only problem is, it’s insane. No rational bank customer would willingly accept negative interest rates.

(Except, me, maybe, in the very unlikely case that my 16-year-old daughter becomes chair of the Federal Reserve.)

Whenever you encounter a business model that’s insane, you can be sure that government is involved.

Government is the one part of existence that doesn’t take place in real life. Government can do whatever it likes. Government can pass a law requiring every business to provide each of its employees with a unicorn, a flying pony, and a candy-flavored rainbow.

If you don’t think so, you haven’t read all 1,190 pages of the Affordable Care Act.

Negative interest rates are a political policy, of course. Who else but politicians would have an idea this crazy? The mugger who steps out of an alley, holds a gun to your head, and demands that you take his wallet – that mugger is government.

Why is government acting crazy?

Well, what makes insanity truly insane is that it always follows a certain comical logic. For example, let’s say you get a crazy idea that the CIA is broadcasting brain-control waves from fire hydrants. If you’re truly insane, you will drive around town smashing your car bumper into fire hydrants – it’s only logical.

The crazy idea that government has is “debt is good.” Debt will stimulate the economy. Debt will prod capital investment. Debt will spur productivity. Debt will fuel trade. Debt will increase consumer spending. Debt will raise the price of assets. Everything is possible with the miracle of debt.

Debt is good. Government should encourage good things. Debt is so good that government will subsidize it. Government will pay you to go into debt.

Like I said, there’s a certain comical logic to it.

Negative interest rates also penalize you for having cash – that is, penalize you for not going into debt.

Negative interest rates are a way for central banks to suck cash out of an economy that has been swamped with cash by those same central banks.

This is like finding out that your Roto-Rooter man has a night job flooding your basement.

This is also where my head is about to explode…

Government has been printing cash with wild abandon since the 2008 fiscal crisis. And that cash is debt. Currency is nothing but a promissory note issued by government and backed by… um, government promises.

(Consult American Indians for a further discussion of government promises.)

The crazy idea that government used to have was “printing cash is good.” Printing cash would stimulate the economy. Printing cash would prod capital investment. Printing cash would spur productivity. Printing cash would fuel trade. Printing cash would increase consumer spending. Printing cash would raise the price of assets. Everything was possible with the miracle of cash rolling off the printing presses.

This didn’t work.

This didn’t work for a simple reason. “Printing cash is good” was a crazy idea. Stimulating the economy by printing cash is as effective as stimulating new-car sales by printing pieces of paper saying, “Give me a new car.”

But don’t worry, negative interest rates will fix the problem. Negative interest rates will get rid of the government-issued promissory notes. Cash will go away and be replaced with subsidized central-bank debt, which won’t be backed by empty government promises. It won’t be backed by anything at all!

In a sane world, government would quit trying to stimulate the economy. Economies are stimulated by people, not political policies. Government is a henhouse, not a hen. The barn doesn’t lay the eggs, the chickens do.

Government could start by cleaning out the barn. Shovel up all the government economic stimulus political policies and dump them on the politicians.

What government should be doing is protecting its citizens, defending individual liberties, guarding property rights, providing rule of law, and keeping taxes, regulatory burdens, and trade barriers low.

If that – and only that – were what governments were doing, the free market would take care of the rest. The economy would be so stimulated… So stimulated that I can’t think of a PG-rated metaphor to do justice to the stimulation we would be experiencing.

And if we had a real free market in currencies and debt, government couldn’t print cash with wild abandon and central banks wouldn’t have any choice about what interest rates they charge.

In a sane world, the next time global central bankers got together for the Federal Reserve’s annual August retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, they’d have nothing to do.

Maybe, if it rained, they could go mud skiing.

Central bankers would be a joke. Which is what they are now. Except it’s a bad joke.


P.J. O’Rourke


Published on May 3, 2016


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