George Soros Will Be the Next President of the United States

George Soros Will Be the Next President of the United States
Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dave Hodges
Aug 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is George Soros’ Puppet

George Soros the great destroyers of nations and their leaders has Clinton in his hip pocket. If Clinton is elected, this former Nazi collaborator will be running the Executive branch of the government. Details are in the video.

Meet Public Enemy #1

Published on Aug 17, 2016

This is the REAL Face of Terror. George Soros is engineering a global migrant crisis to end America as we know it. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton says she wants to allow Syrian refugees in numbers far greater than anyone ever imagined.

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It No Longer Pays To Go To Work: Welfare Pays Better Than Most Jobs

16 August 2016 by Dave Hodges


Have you been to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) lately and was subsequently dumbfounded by what you saw?

To those of us who live in nice neighborhoods and are employed in a professional environment, you would be shocked by what you’d see at your local DMV.

I have subsequently come to the realization that the America that I live in is crumbling under my feet and I have no illusions that this country’s landslide into the depths inescapable poverty will eventually consume me as well. If you do not believe that this will not happen to you as well, you are self-deluded.

The moment I entered the DMV, I felt as if I had somehow taken a wrong turn and ventured into a third world country. Many of the people applying driver licenses did not speak English. In fact, I heard multiple languages being spoken and not that there is anything wrong with that, but these people were people of poverty, low education, lack of opportunity and gross ignorance. These people looked like cut out photos of people that I saw in National Geographic as a kid in which I was reminded of how lucky I was to be an American.

I asked myself, is this the new norm in America? The DMV does indeed represent a cross-section of America and that cross-section has changed. It is poor, uneducated and is totally ignorant of the constitutional liberties being taken away on a daily basis by our criminal government which has been hijacked by the bankers. I use this anecdotal

In summary, my new realization of what America has become, based solely upon anecdotal data, is an America that is now a third world country. I pride myself on being a man with research based skills and I use these skills in my employment. Therefore, I know better than to trust my anecdotal perceptions (i.e. personal observations). Subsequently, I began to look at reliable national and personal economic indicators which would give me a more accurate picture and I did not like what I found. Not only is the present picture bleak, I quickly came to the realization that there is no hope of recovery under the present system. After you read this article, you will come to the realization that if you keep playing the game by the rules of the banksters, you will begin to look like the rabble that I saw that day at the DMV.

When we say that a country is a third world country, we generally characterize that nation as poor and having and economy which is severely distorted by personal sense of hopelessness and dependence upon government services. These nations also tend to have high rates of illiteracy, poor healthcare, exploding population growth among its poor and suffer under unstable governments. The following is the first part of a series which seeks to answer the question, has America entered third world status?

Where Did It All Go Wrong?


The undoing of America has been a century in the making. In 1913, the most evil organization on the earth was created by an unconscionable act of Congress with the creation of the Federal Reserve. The United States national debt is more than 5000 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was first created. and this fact has served to turn nearly all of us into debt slaves with each of us vulnerable to the manipulation of the global elite.

The bankers who helped to create the Federal Reserve intended to permanently enslave the U.S. government to a perpetually expanding spiral of debt, and their plan has worked and their final victory is nearly at hand.

The Irreversible Course of America’s Economic Crash


Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff, stated that the U.S. government is facing a “present value difference between projected future spending and revenue” of 222 trillion dollars in the years ahead. Where are we going to come up with 222 trillion dollars? The short answer is that we won’t.

In 2001, the United States represented 31.8 percent of the world’s economic activity. And just one decade later, at the end of 2011, that share had dropped to 21.6%, which means that America’s portion of the world’s economy is 32% smaller than it was a decade before, and it is declining more with each passing day. With economic indicators such as these, there is no way to climb out of the economic hole we have entered courtesy of the globalist inspired free-trade agreements (i.e. NAFTA, CAFTA). With these kinds of numbers, more Americans will be competing for a smaller number of jobs which are significantly declining in pay.

It No Longer Pays To Go To Work: Welfare Pays Better Than Most Jobs

George Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs Released Online

by Tyler Durden Aug 15, 2016

Last Thursday, as Bloomberg was gingerly setting the stage, and the preemptive damage control for what was about to be a historic leak, it did everything in its power to deflect attention from the key topic, namely that prominent liberal billionaire and Hillary supporter, George Soros had been hacked and countless documents were about to be leaked, and instead focus on the alleged identity of the hackers, the so-called DCLeaks, which – like all other “experts” – it positioned as yet another Russian government-sponsored operation.

To this we had one retort: “Far more important than the inane speculation on the hackers’ identity, is the now official disclosure – and warning – that Soros himself was hacked. Bloomberg writes that Open Society Foundations, the Soros group, reported the breach to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in June, according to spokeswoman Laura Silber, who added that an investigation by a security firm found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.”

And, sure enough, over the weekend that is precisely what DCLeaks revealed as it disclosed over two thousand internal documents from groups run by George Soros were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups. The 2,576 files were released by DCLeaks, a website which claims to be “launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people.”

The documents are from multiple departments of Soros’ organizations. Soros’ the Open Society Foundations seems to be the group with the most documents in the leak. Files come from sections representing almost all geographical regions in the world, from the USA, to Europe, Eurasia, Asia, Latin, America, Africa, the World Bank “the President’s Office”, as well as an unknown entity named SOUK. As the Daily Caller notes, there are documents dating from at least 2008 to 2016.

Documents in the leak range from research papers such as “EUROPEAN CRISIS: Key Developments of the Past 48 Hours” focusing on the impact of the refugee crisis, to a document titled “The Ukraine debate in Germany”, to an update specific financials of grants. They reveal work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities by Soros, and include reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe.


An email leaked by WikiLeaks earlier this week showed Soros had advised Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State on how to handle unrest in Albania – advice she acted on.

As part of the disclosure, DCLeaks said the following:

George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist and author who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He drives more than 50 global and regional programs and foundations. Soros is named as the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years. Thanks to him and his puppets USA is thought to be a vampire, not a lighthouse of freedom and democracy. His slaves spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him even more rich. Soros is an oligarch sponsoring Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, hundreds of politicians all over the world. This website is designed to let everyone take a look at restricted documents of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and related organisations. It represents workplans, strategies, priorities and other activities of Soros. These documents shed light on one of the most influential network operating worldwide.

The full list of files can be access at the following site:


We are currently going through the database of files and hope to highlight the more prominent ones in the near future.

Published on Aug 15, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news of how George Soros was just hacked. An organization named DCLeaks just released over 2,500 documents from the Open Society Foundation for people to curate themselves. Stay tuned for more revelations as they are discovered in this leak, we will be right on top of them. Don't forget to tip and support real independent media on because unlike many news organization we don't have George Soros foundation money but only you to keep us operating.


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Obama is the Founder of ISIS

Published on Aug 12, 2016

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Obama is the Founder of ISIS.
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MSM Launches Attack to Destroy Donald Trump

Published on Aug 11, 2016
In today's video, Christopher Greene reports on the MSM attack of Donald Trump 2016.!!
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Published on Aug 11, 2016
Greg Hunter of looks back at the big stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.…

SHTF Arrives Early, Now What?

By Capitalist Eric 8-10-16

Things have been rather exciting over the last year, as we swing into the final months of the Constitutional Republic formerly known as the United States of America. And so I’ve been watching a lot, reading, thinking about all of this… While I work through current problems in my own life. And a very interesting question came up, which is the point of this post. The problem is that, to adequately answer the question, requires quite a bit of time to set up the background, so the answer makes sense. So here goes…

The MSM is thrashing around as they slowly die of lost legitimacy

In the last year, the veneer of decency and honesty has been completely stripped away from our uniquely American “fifth column,” the media, whose responsibility it was to monitor and report on the corruption of government. Instead, they have been utterly exposed as the lying scum most people suspected them of being. They’re just willing propaganda outlets for the government, like Pravda or TASS were, for the Soviet Union. White is now black, up is down, wrong is right.


And of course, the media pimps for their political whores, manipulates polling data which affects “their guy” winning or losing. The most obvious results regarding the press: only 6% of the population still trusts the media. Literally, the public trust used-car salesmen more than they trust reporters. As we used to say in the Navy, they’re “lower than whale shit.” Pretty much.

The media manipulation initially provided cover to the corrupt government, but has now backfired;

In politics, most Americans feel they’re on the losing side. Not surprising, since REALPOLITIK has nothing to do with what the people want. The oligarchy- with the massive cover by the MSM- does what it wants, and the peons can go f**k themselves.

There is growing anger and cynicism regarding politicians. It is axiomatic for the public at present, that politicians are lying whores. This means, also, that the MSM can no longer control the narrative. They’ve instead switched to designating a single person as the “bad guy” so that public frustration can be vented at that person for whatever reason. As long as they can gin up some crime or outrage, they could channel the building anger at their chosen target. The target is destroyed, and they move on to the next…

This has been the standard playbook, which I started to become vaguely aware of as I graduated high-school in the 1980’s. So it’s been working for a while- a full generation of people have been born and grew up, believing this is THE WAY things are.

SHTF Arrives Early, Now What?

Bad Economy is Why Trump GOP Nominee-John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s August 7th, 2016

Economist John Williams says don’t believe the hype about the U.S. economy being good—it’s not. Williams explains, “I love America, but we are in a deepening recession. The economy collapsed into 2009 . . . we never really recovered from that. We had a few bounces higher, but generally, we went into low level stagnation, and now it’s turning down again. We just had a revision to the benchmark GDP (1.2%) and the numbers are nonsense. The numbers are a lot weaker than they appear. There’s no question we are in a recession.”

President Obama keeps telling the public that the economy is great. Williams, who computes economic data without accounting gimmicks that make things look better than reality, says, “If that were the case, Donald Trump would not be the Republican nominee. The voters are telling you we’ve got a problem here, and they sense it. The average guy in Main Street USA knows what’s going on. That’s what’s giving you such an unusual election year. You cannot discount that. Main Street USA knows a lot better than the bureaucrats in Washington when you are in an election year, and people might want to play with the numbers a little bit.”

Williams says don’t expect the government to start a new round of money printing before the election. Williams explains, “Let me put it this way. At such time it happens, and I believe it will, you will see heavy selling against the dollar which will tend to hurt stocks. When you get massive selling against the dollar, you are going to start spiking inflation. . . . So, the dollar weakens and gasoline prices go higher. That’s been the biggest variable in the headline inflation numbers since the panic of 2008. You see gasoline prices rising again, and you’ve got an inflation problem again. That will start all sorts of issues.”

The global economy is weak, and a black swan could hit anytime and take it all down. The next crash will be the greatest ever, and Williams contends, “It will certainly be a world class event that people will be talking about for centuries.”

On gold, Williams says, “I’ve been bullish on gold for as long as I have been bearish on the dollar and calling for the ultimate collapse of the dollar and hyperinflationary depression that will eventually unfold. The best hedge in that type of circumstance are the precious metals. I am talking about physical ownership of gold and silver. Personally, I prefer coins because they are liquid.”

How will you know the mother of all hyperinflations has started? Williams says, “It will hit once you start seeing the dumping of the dollar. . . . There will be massive amounts of dollars the Federal Reserve is going to have to absorb. Once you start to see a panic decline in the dollar, I’d be real cautious because it can happen quickly. You will see a decline in the dollar first, and the likely trigger for the selloff in the dollar is the move back into quantitative easing.”

So, what it the timing for what Williams says is a coming hyperinflationary depression? Williams says, “You could have a crisis at any moment. The circumstance is not stable for the economy or the global financial system or the banking system. There may be some type of banking crisis before the election that would force the Fed to move on quantitative easing (money printing). I think the Fed will try everything in their power to keep things stable until after the election. So, most likely the dollar selloff will come after the election. Once the dollar selloff starts, I think you will be seeing the stages of early hyperinflation well within a year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can always find some of John Williams’ analysis and charts on the home page of