Trump Pulls World From Brink Of Nuclear War: Soros Outraged

Published on Nov 15, 2016
Alex Jones discusses how the president elect Trump's presidency has already had an effect on the state of WW3.
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A Glimpse into the Swamp – A Very Dangerous Time in America

By Douglas J. Hagmann – November 14, 2016

The following is a cursory investigative summary that explains the significance of the email “scandal” that erupted right before the 2016 election and how the Obama Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch worked in conjunction with the Hillary Clinton campaign to obstruct justice. It is submitted as a foundation for forthcoming documentation that will detail extensive criminal corruption, the scope of which is breathtaking and a threat to our national security by the Hillary Clinton State Department and the Obama White House.

What follows is a brief glimpse into a murky and crowded swamp of criminality that involves personal enrichment through weapons trafficking and the methods to hide the criminal behavior of those involved. It includes the use of the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Executive branch, and the Clinton Foundation, along with many co-conspirators in government and the media.

Testifying under oath before Congress in 2013, Hillary Clinton stated that she knew nothing about the weapons shipments from Libya and Qatar to Syria. Thanks to the release of John Podesta emails and other documents by Wikileaks, it is now beyond any reasonable doubt that she lied. Her actions resulted in not only the deaths of four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador in the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, but the deaths of countless innocent people due to the destabilization of the Middle East.
Equally disgusting is that she and others used her position as U.S. Secretary of State, serving from January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 for personal enrichment through the Clinton Foundation, and again lied about it despite the revelations by Wikileaks.

Hillary Clinton not only lied under oath about the arms shipments, with a large number of those weapons coming into possession of ISIS as well as anti-Assad terrorists, but also lied to the American people about the attack at Benghazi, her emails, and many other related matters. This particular area of the swamp is not only deep, but crowded as well.

Hillary Clinton & The Clinton Foundation, Arms Merchants, Under Hillary Clinton’s leadership, the U.S. Department of State approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations (from October 2010-September 2012), representing almost twice the amount approved by the State Department under the second term of George W. Bush for the same time period. It seems hardly a coincidence that each government benefactor of those arms sales gave money to the Clinton Foundation.

Under Clinton’s leadership, an additional $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 countries was authorized. Again, all 16 countries donated to the Clinton Foundation. Compared to a similar period under Bush, this denotes a 143 percent increase of arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors.

It is important to note that federal law prohibits foreign governments seeking clearance through the U.S. State Department to buy U.S. arms from making campaign contributions. This prohibition was designed to prevent foreign interests and governments from using cash to influence national security policy.

Nothing, however, prevents such foreign interests from contributing to a philanthropic foundation. Enter the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton emails (those deleted and archived outside of investigative purview), the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks, and other relevant documents provide prima facie evidence of personal enrichment by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and others through arms sales to prohibited countries, including and especially ISIS. They also provide documentation of evidence tampering and obstruction of justice, and provide insight into the individuals and groups involved.

The emails are alleged to include other criminal activities as well, although these activities will be addressed separately for both clarity and brevity.

Many within the U.S. government as well as the media have misrepresented the importance of the emails, from those on Clinton’s private server to those found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin.  Understanding the mishandling of the Weiner/Abedin emails by the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and others will provide insight into how the investigation was hijacked and diverted from within.

Rigging the criminal investigation

The criminal hubris of the Obama regime and the Clinton criminal cabal is unparalleled in American history.

The Hillary Clinton emails, the Anthony Weiner emails, the infamous Comey letters, the Department of Justice obstruction of justice by Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, and many others, along with the media manipulation are all incestuously related in this vast criminal enterprise.
A large alligator in the murky swamp of criminal corruption is John Podesta. Wikileaks began releasing the emails of John Podesta on October 7, 2016 and continues to date, bringing the total upwards of 70,000 emails and related email chains.

Podesta is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001, and served as counsel to Barack Obama. He and his brother Tony own the Podesta Group (a large DC lobbying firm). He is also the chairman of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington DC-based think tank, and perhaps most importantly, served as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman.

When the news broke that some 650,000 emails were found on the laptop of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin, Loretta Lynch immediately began to mitigate any potential damage by assigning Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik to lead the investigation into those emails.

Her choice could not be a more blatant conflict of interest. Peter Kadzik has been a good friend of John Podesta since their days at Georgetown Law School. In fact, many emails between Podesta and Kadzik were among those released by Wikileaks, and were also alleged to be on the Weiner/Abedin laptop. In one of the Wikileaks emails, it was John Podesta who described Kadzik as a “fantastic lawyer who kept me out of jail.” Kadzik’s son also emailed John Podesta, asking for a job on the Clinton campaign.

Peter Kadzik also represented Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Perhaps most telling of all is the role Peter Kadzik played in the controversial Clinton pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, who is best known for founding the commodities company Glencore, being indicted in the U.S. on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis.

Interestingly, it was Rudy Giuliani who built the case against Rich. Another familiar name, James Comey, the current FBI Director eventually took over the pardon investigation. Rich ultimately received a pardon from President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, his last day in office.
The pardon did not come without a price, however. Denise Rich, the wife of Marc Rich, gave more than $1 million to the Democratic Party, including more than $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.

In short, Loretta Lynch appointed a suspect of the email investigation to take the lead for the Department of Justice in that very investigation. This alone should clearly reveal that the motives of the Justice Department, presumably acting at the direction of the Obama White House, were never to conduct an honest investigation, but to stop any honest investigation from the start.

Considering that Kadzik was both a suspect and the lead investigator of the latest email “scandal,” and given the fact that Kadzik represented both Podesta and Marc Rich, the motivation behind the peculiarly timed release of the Marc Rich records to the FBI online archive might be better understood.

As briefly explained here, the vast Clinton criminal cabal is well entrenched and extends far back into the Clinton White House and Hillary Clinton’s tenure as a U.S. Senator.  It expanded through the Clinton Foundation and during her tenure as Secretary of State. It involves the heads of state of other countries, as well as leaders within our own.
Understanding this will provide the necessary context to understand the importance of everything from the Clinton emails, the Arab Spring, the attacks in Benghazi, and the obstruction of justice as evidence of criminality, and why it is unlikely that Clinton and her close associates will go away quietly.

A war is being waged between those attempting to expose the criminality of the globalists, and those attempting to not just engage in a massive cover-up, but maintain power. The battle is raging. It is a very dangerous time in America.

The Truth About the Trump Protests

Published on Nov 10, 2016
Fuck off to North Korea, you democracy-hating clowns.

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MEMO TO TRUMP: Do not waver; We the People “got your back!” Learn more:

Friday, November 11, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Is anyone surprised? The very same leftists who wagged their finger at candidate Donald Trump and demanded he “accept the outcome of the election” and “respect democracy” are now burning flags, rioting in the streets and torching buildings in their own collapsing cities.

As it turns out, it is the Democrats who hate democracy and refuse to accept the results of a democratic election. When they lose at the ballot box, they turn to violence and chaos.

I predicted this almost 100 days ago, of course. In this August 30 Natural News article, I wrote:

As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

That’s where this is headed, of course. International terrorism coordinators like George Soros are already funding domestic leftist terror groups to torch America’s cities before inauguration day. Their marching orders are to cause maximum chaos and give the lying leftist media — full of delusional morons and anti-American traitors pretending to be journalists — enough editorial traction to ridiculously claim that America hates Trump.

Real America LOVES Trump
In truth, America LOVES Trump. That’s why my article entitled LOVE WINS was so popular. LOVE wins when we elect a President who is trying to save America rather than dismantle it.

But the Hillary Clinton supporters are now trying to DESTROY America. That’s why they’re burning American flags. They hate America, they hate democracy and they hate the irrefutable fact that the American voters have rejected their hatred, bigotry and leftist lunacy with an intensity never before witnessed in American politics.

So my message to President Trump today (yes, I call him “President,” not “President Elect,” because in my mind, Barack Obama was never my President) is simply this:

Do not waver. Do not compromise. Do not apologize for winning. Do not think you have to “reach across the aisle” and appease the anti-American traitors who are plotting to sabotage your administration and destroy your legacy.

President Trump, as you wake up each day for the next eight years, remember one thing above all else: WE THE PEOPLE “GOT YOUR BACK.”

Or, in military parlance, we’ve “got your six.”

We the People “Got your back”
By “We the People,” I mean all the genuine patriots across America. We are the alternative media publishers, the active duty and retired military and police officers, the firemen and EMTs, the factory workers, concealed carry holders and small business entrepreneurs. We are armed in self-defense, we are dedicated to protecting America, and we are at the ready to do what is needed to restore law and order while defending our families, communities and national borders against terrorists and traitors.

Keep that in mind, President Trump. President Bush never had this kind of popular support among patriots, and Obama was seen as a traitor from the very first day he took office (see the 2009 Alex Jones film, “The Obama Deception”). But YOU, Mr. Trump, have the full backing and goodwill of almost everyone who grew up loving this country and pledging to support it.

That is a rare asset… it’s almost unheard of in the history of our nation… and it may need to be invoked to defend our cities from the leftist terrorists who are already trying to burn them down.

We will support aggressive police action against the leftist terrorists
I’ve spoken with numerous leaders in the alternative media and patriot communities. They all tell me the same thing: While they were terrified of Martial Law under Obama, they would gladly support aggressive police action as needed to stop the leftist terrorists who are already trying to burn down our cities. By “aggressive,” they mean very specific things such as giving police officers marching orders to stop being passive when the riots take place. They need to aggressively subdue and arrest all the violent rioters from the very start. We cannot let violent rioters run free through our cities, destroying our national infrastructure just because they refuse to respect the outcome of the election.

We the People are ready to get behind our police and even volunteer our own efforts in a variety of ways to protect our communities from the violence of the radical left.

For example, I’m now donating my forensic laboratory services ( is my private science laboratory) to various law enforcement agencies in Texas to help them put away violent criminals and keep our communities safe. This is my own little way of using SCIENCE to stop VIOLENCE, and like tens of millions of other Americans, I’m also a firearms owner with many thousands of rounds of ammunition that I’d be ready to donate to the local Sheriff if they needed those rounds to defend our communities. (Heck, if things get really bad, I’ll just lend the local Sheriff some ballistic vests and my .50 cal. Barrett semiauto rifle, and the local deputies can go to town while I keep bringing more ammo as needed…)

When we elected you, we knew this would be a long and difficult fight for freedom
The point is, We the People are at the ready. We didn’t merely elect you into office and then think we were going to walk away and leave you with all the heavy lifting. We understand that defending America will take a national effort involving the People. It’s not a one-man show, it’s an entire nation coming together to say “Enough leftist violence! Enough of the lying media! Enough of Hillary Clinton pre-selling the White House and Barack Obama handing billions of cash to Iran!”

It’s not enough that we merely stop the riots, either. We must dismantle the corrupt DNC and end the left-wing media propagandists who have run a multi-year campaign of sedition and lies against America’s interests. (Talk to Michael Savage. He has the best ideas on how to initiate investigations into the “anti-American activities” of people like George Stephanopoulos, whose wife has already said they will likely flee the country.)

We’ve all had enough of the leftist lies, the planned economic destruction of our nation and the deliberate media propaganda. So we elected you into office. And now we are ready to defend your presidency no matter what it takes.

Do your job, and we’ll do ours!
We recognize that you are our last hope for a free America. We all knew that a Clinton presidency would have meant World War II on the international scale, and very likely domestic civil war here at home. Your courage to fight the corrupt democrat election machine has led the way, and now we are here, at the ready, willing and able to support you as long as you KEEP YOUR PROMISES.

Build the wall.

Arrest the Clinton co-conspirators, including the criminal collusion artists pretending to be journalists.

Shut down the idiotic climate change payments to Al Gore’s company.

Repeal Obamacare (and all of Obama’s illegal executive orders).

Push hard for term limits.

Unleash the military on ISIS.

Protect the Second Amendment.

Protect religions freedoms.

Ban third trimester abortions and outlaw organ harvesting from human babies.

End the Big Pharma monopoly over medicine so that we can prevent disease with natural health supplements and remedies that will save the nation BILLIONS in health care costs.

Rebuild the Supreme Court with Constitutional justices.

And, above all, #DrainTheSwamp.

We got your back.

Learn more:

The Marxist Coup Brewing in America

By Douglas J. Hagmann – November 11, 2016

Everyone will recall the collective gasp of the Hillary Clinton supporters and the ensuing media outrage when Donald Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the Presidential election. His statement was made against the backdrop of a rigged election, fraudulent votes and voting machines that curiously overruled voters’ selections. Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton, along with her backup vocals like Chris Mathews, Rachael Maddow and other media sycophants continuously expressed outrage that Donald Trump would even think about jeopardizing our “democratic voting process.”
It is now Hillary Clinton and her Marxist supporters who are threatening our Representative Republic through the petition website Immediately following Donald Trump’s election victory, a petition was launched to sway the Electoral College to “Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.”
The Electoral College will meet and vote on December 19, 2016, to certify the Trump victory as defined within our Constitution. Remember, the United States is a Representative Republic and not a Democracy, no matter how many times journalists want to change our constitution through language and the repetitiveness of their lies.
It is typical for the Clintons and those in their camp to do the exact opposite of what they say publicly. This has been proved through the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to big money interests behind closed doors confirming that what she says and does in public is not consistent with what she says to (and does for) her private, big dollar supporters and special interest groups.

Unable to comprehend such duplicity and blinded by their idolatry, these useful idiots, including the Hollywood elite are pushing for the Electors of the Electoral College to cast their ballots for Clinton on December 19, 2016. They believe that they have the chance to change the outcome of the election, an event that would surely throw this already heavily divided country into a very real civil war, something the Marxists Progressives have been longing for. In fact, my own government insider admitted as much exactly as I have documented in my previous reports.
As to the petition to the Electoral College, it should be noted that they currently have over 2.2 million “signatures” and are gaining on their goal of three million.
No one should think that the globalist power structure, for which Hillary Rodham Clinton is the face, will willingly cede their power. They will not go quietly into the night. Instead, they will utilize the tactics of their patron saint, Saul Alinsky, whose book Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer himself.  We are seeing this play out on the streets of Portland, Los Angeles, New York and other cities in between.
Thousands of intellectually impaired malcontents and morally bankrupt lawless anarchists, or a generation of Clinton, Obama and Sanders supporters, are mere cannon fodder for the Clintons and the larger criminal cabal that has allowed to exist for so long. However, they are too blinded to see that they are pawns in a much larger globalist agenda to retain their power and elite status.
Again we see the lies of the “leftist” media and their card-carrying Socialist comrades deceptively claiming that these protests are both spontaneous and organic. They are neither, and are as spontaneous as the attack in Benghazi was in 2012. They are well planned, organized and funded by the same people who refuse to cede power. The media is even reluctant to call them for what they are: organized riots, complete with injuries and property destruction. Left unexposed, these riots will not only continue, but spread.
Make no mistake, these are very dangerous times for America. The danger is real and must not be understated. The criminality of the Clinton cabal, supported by foreign big money interests, is slowly being exposed for all to see. Many in the orbit of this cabal have much to lose, and include elected leaders on both sides of the political divide.
The organizational structure of this cabal is being identified through Wikileaks, and it is as perverse as it is vast. Do not expect those involved in the deepest recesses of this criminal enterprise to slink quietly away. It is not their nature. It is not the nature of evil.
Prepare. Pray. And by all means, “Saddle for Battle.”

Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite

By Michael Goodwin The New York Post November 9th, 2016

And so this is how the Obama era of Hope & Change really ends. With the world turned upside down, and with President Obama having to pass the baton to Donald Trump.
That is going to be one helluva inauguration.
Trump stands today as the greatest disrupter in modern politics, the winner of the biggest upset imaginable, but for most of the campaign, he was not even the best argument for his own candidacy. That distinction belonged to the millions upon millions of everyday Americans who found in him the bare-knuckled brawler they were desperately seeking.
Their choice started as a surprise, as Republican primary voters turned their backs on a parade of supposedly better-qualified candidates to make the TV celebrity with the funny hair their battering ram against an arrogant establishment.
Their movement grew and spread until, early Wednesday, as the key states swung red one after another on TV maps, the last walls of resistance came tumbling down. It was a hallelujah moment, the ultimate underdog leading the forgotten masses to triumph. All the more so because Trump’s voters often took great risks and were routinely insulted and demeaned for their passion.
But they wore those insults as badges of honor, proudly calling themselves the “deplorables” and the “irredeemables.”
They would not be deterred, and today they have taken back their country.
Trump’s remarkable victory is their victory. It is a victory for democracy, for the common men and women of America.
The factory workers, the veterans, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners. As one, these cogs of our daily life rose up in a peaceful revolution, their only weapons the ballot box and their faith in the future.

This, the greatest nation ever conceived on Earth, proved once again that America is exceptional because Americans are exceptional.
Trump voters had the courage of their conviction to go against all their betters, all the poobahs and petty potentates of politics, industry and, above all, the fraudulent hucksters of the national liberal media.
And who, at this extraordinary juncture, dares say that Trump is not worthy of victory and of the salute of his countrymen? He has done what nobody thought he could, overcoming the doubts and scoffs every incredible step of the way.
No candidate in modern times and perhaps ever has suffered such abuse at the hands of the dominant culture. Virtually every day, nearly all the front pages and broadcasters in the entire country vilified him in an attempt to destroy him.
The late-night comics made fun of him like so much trailer trash, Wall Street saw him as a threat, Hollywood looked down on him and even the pope added his two cents of disdain.
It was dirty pool, against any standard of fairness and decency, but that was not the would-be assassins’ biggest mistake. It was that failing to destroy Trump, the elite smart set unleashed its contempt on his supporters.
The effect was the opposite of what was intended. Instead of demoralizing the Trumpsters, the nonstop attacks hardened them and made them more determined to finish what they had started.

Bill Belichick defends Trump letter before descent into farce
Women voting for Clinton devastated by shocking loss
Trump's win a repudiation of Obama and a huge victory for 'forgotten Americans'
Donald Trump is the punk-rock president America deserves
Trump says Clinton called to congratulate him on his win
Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite
Now America, at last, has a countervailing cultural force. Not so much a conservative standing against a liberal establishment, but rather a fearless populist who likes to mix it up and insists on doing things his way.
Sure, he’s thin-skinned and can be a bully, and there were many times when he looked like he was throwing his chances away with foolish fights. But for the last month, he has been a model of restraint and stuck resolutely to the issues, showing that he wanted to win more than he wanted to pop off or chase rabbits down holes.
Of course, new and greater challenges await, and the task of governing such a large, complex nation will present a sharp learning curve. But the first step in governing is winning the people’s consent, and there is no denying that Trump represents the mood for change every bit as much as Obama did eight years ago.
I said some time ago that the pendulum sometimes swings farther than we think it will, and that’s what we’re witnessing. Obama begat Trump.
A month ago, it looked as if Obama would pick his successor and bury Trump in a humiliating landslide. Yet today, Trump is the president-elect and the Obama legacy is in shambles.
As for Hillary Clinton, she didn’t deserve to be president, despite wanting it more than life itself.
She had no rationale for running, was so ethically challenged and so patently dishonest that, to me, it would be a give-up if she became president.
She would have made history and ruined the country. That was too high a price for shattering the glass ceiling.
Beyond Clinton, Obama and George Soros, Hollywood and the media, the losers include political correctness, that disease of the spirit that saps confidence in one’s own values and success.
Most important, Trump pledged to make America strong again, and if he does, he will be a success.

Peasant Revolt Trumps Globalist Establishment

November 9th,2016


They awakened the sleeping giant, the great middle class of America. On this historic night, the average citizens of the United States roared and joined Brexit in voting against globalism and in favor of nationalism. To empower Trump, the middle class also handed him a completely Republican-controlled congress.
They tore down President Barrack Obama’s legacy. Obamacare will be repealed. The Iran nuclear agreement, which was established only by executive order, can be easily ended by executive order. Numerous legacy achievements that Obama thought he could do unilaterally by executive order can now all be undone in a day. (Though I’m sure Trump will give them much more careful thought that that, but such are the possibilities when you ignore the people’s house and act on your own.)
For liberals and globalists, for the establishment on Wall Street, the world is a different place at the end of the day than it was at the dawn. Many liberals scoffed derisively at the notion that Trump could win. Democratic talking heads like Alan Colmes brazenly told Trump supporters to call him after the election because Hillary was going to win for certain, and they could eat their words; but Trump destroyed the Democratic establishment, giving the entire GOP a victory that even the GOP didn’t believe was coming its way. It wound up being a good thing for them that Trump was on their side.
Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike failed to perceive the rage of the forgotten middle class as certainly as they failed to see the Great Recession coming. This was not a vote for the man. It was a vote for revolution. Many of the swing voters who proved essential to Trump’s victory could barely stomach voting for Trump because of his arrogance, his trickle-down tax plan, his often expressed attitudes to women, the fact that he is the one percent and always has been. I’m not saying most Trump supporters had those concerns about Trump. Not at all, but the swing voters who made this victory possible in polls that were tight in much of the country. The one thing they all saw in Trump is that he was their only hope for a candidate who could grab the establishment by the shoulders and shake it up.
It is the people who were concerned that Trump is too much of a loose cannon and to reckless in speech who did have those concerns who came out of the closet and voted for him at the last moment — supporters in the end the even the Trump campaign didn’t know about. And it is those voters that I’ve been saying are the likely hidden voters that pollsters were not seeing — people who were not willing to say to anyone they would vote for Trump because there was so much they disliked about him, but who would vote for him at the end of the day because they are so thoroughly disgusted with the establishment. These sleeper votes turned a questionable win into a strong win.
Whether their hope will be well invested, I don’t know. I certainly hope it will. Trump has so far, picked purely establishment people to be his team (Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore for his tax team, a Goldman Sachs VP as his likely Treasurer, and Pence and his VP), but he hasn’t chosen many yet, so I can hope that doesn’t represent the course he will take.  Or maybe he has some miraculous ability to work with the establishment in order to change it, rather than throw it out. I don’t know.
If you look at a map of all county’s, colored by which candidate that county voted for, the Unites States is a sea of red, even greater than Reagan had. If you look at the popular vote, it was a thin victory of only about 1.5%.
I can hope the sea of red thatTrump received in support and the knowledge that it was not catering to those establishment leaders and advisors that got him to victory but those millions of Middle Class voters looking to him in hope … I can hope that even humbles the great Trump and crystalizes in his mind that he has been chosen to work for the Middle Class. I think the magnitude of this election could very well do that, and his victory speech showed a man who appeared humbled by the victory — a good thing to see in someone who has spent most of his life telling the world how phenomenally great he is.
Trump also would never have won, except that Hillary was so horrible that numerous Democrats couldn’t stand voting for her. She may hold the record for being the candidate most disliked by her own people. Even her campaign managers wrote about her “unlikability factor.” She was a hard-fighting opponent, but she had to be because she came with so many liabilities.
Stock market dive is certain
The stock market will nosedive in the morning. Futures in the market show that, so it’s not a hard economic prediction to make. There is, in fact, no surprise in that for anyone, as nearly everyone has said it will happen; but will this be the cataclysmic crash I’ve predicted, or will it be like Brexit where the market plunged in shock for a few days and then found its balance?
The stock market was a rickety scaffolding built up to the clouds anyway. So, it was certain to fall soon, regardless of who won. However, a Trump win assured it will drop immediately because Trump’s victory strikes fear in the hearts of Wall Street that his gracious victory speech is not likely to overcome.
The market had priced itself for a Hillary win, particularly in the past two days after Comey backed out of investigating Hillary a second time. So, now it has to correct itself. The problem is that, if it really corrects itself, it has a lot of correcting to do. I can’t say if it will turn out to be like the the Brexit plunge — a brief release of shock realigning to a new reality — or the crash I’ve been predicting for this year.
My conviction has been that the Federal Reserve and others will just let it fall so they can blame the failure of their false recovery on Trump. I’m not sure they will even have a choice , as the market may gain enough momentum when it starts falling that it cannot stop. The first plunge can contribute business collapses that bring more decline. Global stock markets may fall even harder in fear of what they perceive as isolationism and lack of support for allies like NATO. Whether those perceptions are valid is irrelevant, as the markets rise and fall on perceptions.
I am certain the establishment will not get it. They will blame the market’s fall on Trump, saying it is proof that he’s an economic disaster, rather than on the fact that this market was ready to fall at any moment. That’s why the government and Federal Reserve appeared to be barely able to hold the market up. It flatlined for months, even with a huge increase in government spending and with the Federal Reserve repeatedly holding off on it promised interest increases.
The establishment fear factor
I’ve pointed out several times that Trump’s tax plan is the greatest gift Wall Street, corporations and stockholders have ever seen. Those tax savings could easily make up for the losses corporations fear in Trump’s promised renegotiation on free trade. So what is the Wall Street  establishment afraid of?
Change, and lots of it by a loose canon they cannot control
Loss of control over other politicians who gravitate toward Trump’s popularity.
More than anything, the 90%.
If Trump takes this Middle-Class revolution deeply to heart and the Republican Party trembles in fear at the rising of the Middle Class and moves with it, then this night has the power to be a game-changer for the elite. Real power has always rested in the 90% … in the people … if they would wake up and realize they do have the power because they have the numbers to force changes; but until now they didn’t know they had the numbers. I am hoping they have risen to say, “From now on, look out for the Middle Class first … in your tax breaks and everything else you do.”
If Trump disappoints such a high calling, a much bigger  and nastier revolt is likely later, as the Middle Class will not take lightly to being fooled by the establishment again. Trump’s tax plan and chosen associates caused me to ask earlier in the season if Trump was just the establishment’s Trojan horse. The plan assures we will continue to dive at the same rate deeper into debt, though such ramped-up debt spending by government will stimulate the economy some in the short term, but it is more of the same thing … on steroids — buying ourselves some comfort and security at someone else’s expense down the road — not paying for what we gain.
I don’t think Trump ever expected a win like this. If he makes himself the champion of the Middle Class and not his own class and his own interests, his presidency could be extraordinary. If, in the end, he focuses on serving Trump, his presidency will be a disastrous loss of hope and rise of rage.
But this is the time when economic denial begins to break. Markets will fall around the world because all globalists have reason to tremble if Trump is the real deal — not because of Trump’s innate power or wisdom but because he has tapped into the rage of the silent majority, and they are silent no longer. He has catalyzed them, and that means he has their power behind him if he rises to the call. If he truly focuses on empowering that electorate, they will empower him, and he can change the nation even more than Reagan did. But he has to rise to that.
Hell Week still on the calendar
At least as strong possibility. Globalists don’t just give up on half a century or more of scheming. Those in power don’t hand it over. There is much opportunity here for the establishment to make Trump the scapegoat for their own failure for weeks and months to come because most people do not believe economic collapse is imminent as I do (and as I suspect most of my readers do, though I can’t speak for others).
Many people don’t think things will certainly fall apart now economically. That makes the clear economic problems that rise from this point forward easy to blame on Trump because a sleepwalking populace has believed the recovery illusion. While consumer confidence has been falling of late, the number of people who believe the economy was doing OK was greater than the minority like readers of this blog who highly doubted that it was.
Trump gave a heartfelt and gracious victory message to calm people by helping them believe a sharply divided nation can be healed; but I am concerned the fears and wounds from a divisive and campaign and the ideological differences mean that a second miracle is needed in one night for divisiveness to end, and two miracles in one night are a lot to hope for.
In the remainder of the week, I wonder if the outcome of the election will be challenged by Clinton. So far, it looks like it won’t. There could be recounts. Then arguments over the recounts. There could be charges by the Hillary campaign of election fraud and maybe a Supreme Court challenge like we saw with Al Gore. As Podesta said at the end of the Hillary party, “We’ll have more to say tomorrow.” That sounded to me like the fight was still on; but then Hillary called Trump to graciously concede. That gives a little hope for healing.
You see, while the Trumpettes are blowing their horns in celebration (and I’m glad they are and just hope they get what they are hoping for), almost half of the population is completely disillusioned tonight. To their way of thinking, the United States is filled with fools who elected a clown as president. They are in shock at a world that they think has gone mad. I don’t think we’ve ever had an election where half the populace so hated a president, other than when Obama was elected and the other half hated the president.
I hope we can stand our grand in insisting everyone focus on rebuilding the Middle Class, as being essential to everyone’s good, for without a Middle Class there is no market for the wealthy. This may, however, be an impossible divide to bridge. Remember, in terms of the popular vote, almost half of all those who voted supported Hillary. Most have been quite passionate in their support. They see a world they believe chose Trump out of racial hatred (and perception is reality with that kind of thing), and his way of saying things tends to be easily perceived in the worst way as people listen with their fears and their prejudices.
So, can Trump be enough of a true uniter to get his needed legislation passed without caving in to the establishment. Can you put Hillary in jail and not crystalize the ire of her supporters? It doesn’t seem possible.
Paul Ryan may lose his leadership over the House for his rejection of Trump, followed by support that may have been too late to save his hide. I expect Democrats to demand FBI Director Comey’s head, and I can’t image Trump will give Comey a lot of support, given his last-minute repeat capitulation to Clinton. Trump has reputation of getting even. Expect to see the Justice Department turned inside out. Expect to see a shake-up at the Federal Reserve. If he’s going to be what he’s said he will be, there are many things to take apart, and it’s hard to believe that can be done without stirring up a lot of wrath.
Last night we had a shooting with one killing and three wounded at a polling station in Azusa, California. Let’s hope it’s a one-off.
I hope I’ll be wrong about Hell Week. The size of Trump’s victor give me some hope. If it were a tiny or indecisive victory, I’m certain all Hell would break loose, fighting for the scraps of territory that remained; but the victory may be strong enough that it’s hard to contend, and Trumps speech was a step in the right direction.

THE REVOLT against Washington begins…

The backlash is imminent… prepare for real Americans to take their country back… the ‘revolt on Washington’ is just getting started
Monday, November 07, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The establishment is clueless. Hopelessly corrupt. Immeasurably incompetent. The media, the political elite, the criminal bankers, the idiotic academics… they have absolutely no clue about the size of the fervent backlash that’s headed their way.

No matter what happens between now and tomorrow night, the backlash against corrupt government has been launched. A stolen “victory” for Hillary Clinton will only further empower that backlash as it escalates into a nationwide citizens’ revolt… a revolt against Washington that has been long overdue.

Washington D.C. is run by unapologetic criminals. They have abandoned any real interests of the people and work only to enrich themselves. They rig elections, they rig the polls, they rig the news and they rig the education system to teach our children that independent thinking is not just wrong, but socially unacceptable. The P.C. culture of obedient thought control and language obedience is the leading edge of a totalitarian society run by dictatorial despots.

The FBI has now decided that Hillary Clinton is above the law. She — and others like her — have been handed absolute immunity against all crimes. Even as she runs the largest and most destructive political racketeering scheme in U.S. history, the Department of Justice blocks all requests for grand juries and search warrants, covering up Hillary’s openly criminal behavior.

The leftist media has become an accomplice to the crimes of the Clintons
The leftist media, for their part, have become accomplices in the criminal Obama / Clinton regime, deliberately refusing to air Wikileaks bombshells that expose the stunning complicity of John Podesta, Cherryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Right now, the mainstream media is, by any reasonable, objective assessment, a complicit cabal of criminal accomplices working in conspiracy with Hillary Clinton to crush democracy and steal this election from the people.

From every corner of the establishment — academia, media, government — the message to America is clear: The ruling elite will TELL YOU what to think, whom to hate and how to vote. The unrelenting bigotry and hatred of the left is on full display today, not just with the endless defamatory attacks on Trump himself, but also with the leftist violent bombing attacks on Republican campaign headquarters buildings, Trump buildings and even the FBI. Leftists also hate police officers and try to kill them at every opportunity (because they hate the rule of law).

All this hatred, violence, bigotry and intolerance characterizes the LEFT, not people on the right. The political left is the most hate-filled, bigoted, lawless, intolerant and dangerously violent incarnation of radical politics that the world has witnessed since the French Revolution. It is on the backs of these hate-filled violent extremists that sinister political deceivers like Hillary Clinton sickeningly claim to hold a monopoly on compassion, peace and love.

It’s all part of the “Big Lie” of the left: They have no love or tolerance to offer at all. What they offer is confiscation of your money, a totally rigged justice system, condemnation of common sense and harsh demands for absolute obedience to their twisted, idiotic cultural narratives that make no sense… such as claiming a biological man is a “woman” because he suddenly decides to impersonate one.

The lunacy of the left has reached the point of mass mental illness, and it’s only by ending their lunatic reign in Washington that We the People can bring true healing to this nation.

If Clinton wins, it will only further enrage a nation that’s already fed up with the lunacy (and failed policies) of the left
That’s why the backlash against Washington is going to be so large. Whether Trump wins the election or not, the intelligent people of America have been awakened… and they can’t be lulled back to sleep with more false promises like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Today, the American people know the democrat rendition of government is a LIE. They know that Hillary Clinton cheated during the debates by being given the debate questions in advance. They know that Obamacare was a big fat LIE and was designed to bankrupt the economy from the start. They are fully aware that the “swamp” of Washington is so full of foul-smelling political creatures and ghoulish, seething leftists that the only solution remaining is to, as Trump says, “drain the swamp.”

America has reached the point where the people of this country simply will no longer tolerate the total lawlessness, corruption and criminality of the establishment democrats. We the People will not recognize any legitimacy whatsoever of a Clinton “presidency” — an election outcome that can only be achieved through organized voter fraud and theft of power. Under a fair, free and open election, Hillary Clinton would be losing by 40 points.

We the People do not accept the FBI cover-ups, the DOJ collusion and the media complicity in the crimes of Clinton and the DNC. We the People will not stand by idly as our future is stolen from us by an organized criminal racket of lawless democrats.

No, We the People will, if necessary, take all necessary steps to restore and protect the Republic because the government must answer to the People, not rule over them. There is no circumstance under which this revolution of awakening goes quiet at this point. If anything, it grows by leaps and bounds as tens of millions of Americans take to the streets to demand their country back.

This either ends in absolute tyranny or hundreds of high-level democrats being marched off to prison
That’s why I say the revolt on Washington has begun. I don’t mean a shooting war, by the way. I mean a political revolution. The Washington establishment, which once enjoyed the trust of nearly 90% of the people, is now almost universally viewed as a useless, corrupt CANCER on the nation. The special interests must go. The sellout RINOs must go. The criminal leftist racketeers must go. The big money donors must be shut down and shut out. The criminal bankers, Clinton conspirators and DOJ traitors must be JAILED.

To really #DrainTheSwamp in Washington, we must relentlessly pursue the criminal indictment of hundreds of political operatives throughout the DNC, the DOJ, the Obama administration and the Clinton racket. Only by marching these criminals out in Washington in handcuffs can we ever hope to restore America’s faith in the institution of limited government.

Or perhaps it’s already beyond that. We may already be at the point where government will be forever viewed as hopelessly corrupt… beyond repair… operated in eternal defiance of the will of the people to enrich the political elite. As Zero Hedge explains, “Most Trump supporters don’t want the government to do something for them; they want the government to quit doing things to them. They viscerally revile the elite — it’s personal — and they want no part of that class or its government.”

From the same article:

Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.

Tomorrow’s election will gauge the enormity of the public backlash against the criminal class in Washington
The backlash against the Clinton machine cover-ups is going to be intense. As Dick Morris explains in this video, FBI head James Comey’s announcement that Clinton would not be criminally indicted may cause “a backlash among Trump supporters, almost guaranteeing they come out to vote.”

Suddenly, Trump supporters go from “80% certain to vote” to something more like “95% certain to vote.” And since turnout is the key to victory, the FBI’s own collusion with Clinton may have set forces into motion that will achieve a stunning Trump landslide.

Even if that doesn’t happen, James Comey’s collusion with the Clintons — and his refusal to apply the same laws that would have ensnared anyone else — will no doubt spur a massive post-election backlash. If Clinton manages to steal the vote and seize a numerical victory on Tuesday, the only real message to almost half the nation will be, “This system is so totally corrupt that all of it must go.” The conclusion will be almost universal: The American system of federal government has become an enemy of the People and must therefore be dismantled and abandoned or replaced.

Prepare to march in the streets by the millions in peaceful revolt. Stay tuned for further instructions as the situation warrants…

Learn more:


11-5-16 by

“History offers even more sobering warnings: Armed confrontation usually occurs around the climax of Crisis. If there is confrontation, it is likely to lead to war. This could be any kind of war – class war, sectional war, war against global anarchists or terrorists, or superpower war. If there is war, it is likely to culminate in total war, fought until the losing side has been rendered nil – its will broken, territory taken, and leaders captured.” – The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe -1997

As we enter the final stretch of this vitriolic, deplorable, venomous, propaganda saturated, deceitful, rigged presidential election spectacle, it becomes painfully obvious this Fourth Turning is careening toward bloodshed, bedlam, confrontation, and civil war. The linear fixated establishment, who fancy themselves intellectually superior to the irredemables, are too blinded by their sociopathic, increasingly audacious subversion of the Constitution, to grasp the level of rage and disillusionment of a white working class that has been screwed over for decades.
As the Wall Street shysters frantically accelerate their embezzlement of what remains of middle class wealth, with the Fed and the corporate media propagandists as their wing-men, the country devolves into a corporate fascist state. The disposition of the nation grows dark like the sky before an approaching deadly blizzard. As passions boil over and violence portends, this Fourth Turning hastens towards a bloody decade ahead with an uncertain climax.

If you think this is just hyperbole, you either haven’t studied history or your cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias prevent you from seeing the unavoidable societal altering clashes, which occur like clockwork on an eighty year cycle, when the portents are right in front of your eyes. Historian Arnold Toynbee’s great war cycle that arise every 80 years or so, aligns perfectly with the Fourth Turning generational theory. Great wars occur when the generation that doesn’t remember the last catastrophic war ascends to leadership of the country.
We are eight years into a Crisis period which won’t end until the mid-2020s. As this bitterly vicious presidential campaign accelerates towards a finale which will leave the country divided and irate, the hostile opposing forces will be seeking revenge, retribution, and retaliation no matter the outcome. There is no doubt the regeneracy is well under way.
“The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze a Crisis mood. Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning 
It was five years ago I spent a couple fascinating hours with Neil Howe, co-author of the Fourth Turning, during the Occupy Wall Street protests. He thought the protests were all passion and no depth, engineered by anarchist Boomers. He was right. I thought OWS might be the start of the regeneracy, but it flamed out quickly. It was only a foreshadowing of what was to come. Whatever event or movement created the regeneracy, it would be driven by the toxic combination of debt, civic decay, and global disorder.
Neil was particularly worried about the Federal Reserve zero interest rate policy and how it was ruining our economic system, creating disincentives to saving and encouraging warped, debt driven speculation. And that was in 2011. The Fed keeping interest rates near zero on behalf of a corrupt establishment for the last eight years has been the primary factor in creating the anger, disillusionment and revolutionary spirit driving the regeneracy.
No critical thinking human being can deny this tumultuous presidential election and its equally turbulent primaries have been fueled by the dreadful self-serving response of the establishment to the 2008 Wall Street created financial collapse; the geopolitical anarchy created by U.S. interventionism in the Middle East; the civic decay created by a failing government educational system; rampant debt financed materialism enabled and encouraged by the financial/media complex; and racial division facilitated by the president and his social justice warrior brethren.
The rescue of Wall Street and destruction of Main Street by the Fed, Wall Street and the captured politicians of both parties in Washington D.C. has created the angry, acrimonious, throw the bums out mood boiling over in flyover America. The widening Grand Canyon gap in wealth between the haves and the have nots, produced by solutions from sociopaths in suits has reached the pitchfork and torch level.
The linear thinking ruling class has been in denial since this Crisis catalyzed in September 2008. Their looting, pillaging and ransacking campaign, designed to enrich and empower a small cadre of shadowy, powerful, wealthy men, had been successful for decades. When you control the currency and interest rates; rig the financial markets; buy the politicians; write the laws and regulations; own the corporate propaganda machines known as the mainstream media; operate a high tech surveillance state; create a dumbed down populace through government school indoctrination; and distract the masses with iGadgets, reality TV, hero worship, professional sports, social media, irrelevant cultural issues, and literally thousands of other modern day bread and circuses; you become arrogant and careless.
These sociopaths are so consumed with their ravenous fleecing of the middle class, waging wars for profit, and shredding the Constitution, they failed to recognize 2008 for the seismic earth shattering event that will change everything. The mood of the country shifted like tectonic plates beneath the nation. The mood continues to grow dimmer, as the peasants grow poorer and the modern day aristocracy (Wall Street bankers, corporate executives, corrupt politicians, shadowy billionaires) accumulate obscene ill-gotten wealth through their complete capture of the system. This perverted, degenerative, criminal degradation of our society is powerfully summed up by Jesse from Jesse’s Café Americain:
“Not all sociopaths wield knives and knotted cords. Some wear suits, and are exceptionally intelligent and articulate, obsessively driven, and are able to use and undermine the law and the rules for their advantage, like weapons.  It is never about the win, never about the money.  It is about the kill, the expression of their hatred, about elevating themselves with the suffering of others. Bind, torture, kill.  Not only with ropes and knives, but also with power and money, and the subversion of law.  Lawlessness is their addiction, their will to power.
When societies become lax and complacent, these sociopaths can possess great political power through great amounts of unprincipled money.  And over time they become almost anti-human, destroyers of all that is good, all that is life, all that offends their insatiable sickness with its goodness.  They twist the public against itself, and turn a broad sweep of society into their killing grounds. This is the undeniable lesson of the last century.  There are monsters, and they walk among us.”
Neil Howe has noted in previous articles the catalyst, climax and resolution of Fourth Turnings can be specifically dated. But the regeneracy is more of an era than a date. With only three previous American Fourth Turnings, I imagined the regeneracy to be a specific event where the American people, faced with growing peril and danger, put aside their differences and rallied around a strong leader to build something new. Boy was I wrong.
In retrospect, the American people were numbed by the Great Depression and the bloody initial battles of the Civil War. They just let FDR and Lincoln do whatever they needed to do. The regeneracy marks a growth in centralized authority and resolute governance at a time of great risk and urgency. I believe this era of regeneracy began at the outset of the presidential primaries early in 2016.
Based upon the reaction of the citizens in the last ten months, the dire problem facing the nation, perceived as the largest threat to our future, happens to be the Deep State establishment currently ruling the country. The captured mainstream media and grey beards running both political parties were completely stunned, horrified, and irate at the unprecedented success achieved by the two anti-establishment candidates, Trump and Sanders.
This election was supposed to follow the script as planned and coordinated by the establishment, with Hillary Clinton defeating Jeb Bush and continuing the corrupt status quo policies agreed to by the bought off leaders of both parties. They badly miscalculated the mood of the country and the whirlwind of change seeking to sweep away the stubborn remnants of a crooked, decrepit, putrid, existing social order. This collective middle finger to the establishment could only happen during a Fourth Turning.
This regeneracy is well under way and is poised to transform and replace the very foundation of this crumbling empire of debt, delusions, and denial. The unanswered question is what happens next. I posed that question to Neil Howe five years ago and he said the specific events of a Fourth Turning are unknowable, but the reaction to those events by the generational cohorts is consistent over time.
We are seeing the reaction of critical thinking Americans as they come to the realization the system is rigged against them. A revolutionary spirit is once again rising among the deplorables. I also asked Neil about the theory Fourth Turnings alternate between external conflicts and internal conflicts. He found the subject fascinating, but didn’t think there were enough data points to make a determination.
Based on the current path of this Fourth Turning, I’m now convinced of this alternating sequence between advancement cycles and atonement cycles. The advancement cycles can be seen as establishing, whereas atonement cycles are disestablishing. It is apparent each Fourth Turning alternates between an external struggle and an internal struggle. The American Revolution was a struggle against an external oppressor – Great Britain.
The Civil War was an internal struggle between the industrial North and the agrarian South. The Depression/World War II struggle was mainly against an external threat – Germany, Japan, and Italy. The American Revolution established our country. There was optimism and elation as a new republic, forged under an enlightened Constitution and led by judicious intelligent men, was born. It was clearly an advancement cycle.
The Civil War disestablished states’ rights, slavery, agrarian society and Constitutional rights. It was an atonement cycle for our actual and implicit sins. There was no glorious high. The resolution felt more like defeat, with the country exhausted, bitter and angry. The country had exhausted itself, spilling the blood of over one million men. The new High after an atonement cycle is like a cold miserable rainy dark Spring.
The Great Depression/World War II Fourth Turning established a new world order led by the United States. As the only major country left unscathed by the ravages of global war, the U.S. became the producer for the world, whose dollar was unquestioned as the currency of global trade. The new High was unleashed with fanfare and adulation. It was like a delightfully warm Spring, with flowers blooming and children frolicking.
All signs point toward this Fourth Turning being a life or death struggle between the ruling class of sociopathic bankers, corporate elites, and sleazy politicians versus the oppressed and infuriated middle class. The lying, deceit, rigging, deception, theft and other crimes perpetrated by the ruling elites will be atoned for. The heroic patriotic revelations from Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Bradley (Chelsea) Manning proving the government and politicians to be lying, corrupt, immoral, sociopathic traitors to the Constitution have undermined the last vestiges of trust in the system and the establishment. The alignment of generational dynamics will provoke the responses to events moving forward. We have been badly led. A silent coup by Deep State perpetrators has led to the complete capture of our economic, financial, judicial and political systems.
A vast swath of the populace has been lured into living beyond their means. The existing system is unsustainable. The Boomer generation does not want to yield on their perceived entitlements. The Millennial generation is saddled with un-payable debts, living in their parents’ basements, working the night shift at Ruby Tuesday. Generation X is trapped in the middle of this generational struggle. The huge economic imbalances, created by politicians buying votes and engineering wealth inequality to benefit the few, have built up over decades like flood waters behind a weakening levee. When the levee breaks the morally bankrupt criminal social order will be swept away in the raging torrent to follow.
Winter will eventually turn into Spring, but it might be a bitter, gloomy, austere Spring. Every Fourth Turning brings on forecasts of imminent doom, but that is also a trait of Prophet (Trump, Clinton) Generations. It’s how they feel about the prospects of their imminent die off; they expect the entire world to go with them. The 2008 financial crisis was horrific, scary and an eye opener for those who blindly believed what they were told by their establishment zoo keepers. The regeneracy has begun; trust in the system has further disintegrated; this presidential election has further deepened this distrust of the entrenched establishment; and the coming bust for stocks, bonds, and real estate will knock out the supports for the dwindling remaining trust in this crooked system.
“This might result in a Great Devaluation, a severe drop in the market price of most financial and real assets. This devaluation could be a short but horrific panic, a free-falling price in a market with no buyers. Or it could be a series of downward ratchets linked to political events that sequentially knock the supports out from under the residual popular trust in the system. As assets devalue, trust will further disintegrate, which will cause assets to devalue further, and so on.”
Eventually, all of America’s lesser problems will combine into one giant problem. The very survival of the society will feel at stake, as leaders lead and people follow. The emergent society may be something better, a nation that sustains its Framers’ visions with a robust new pride. Or it may be something unspeakably worse. The Fourth Turning will be a time of glory or ruin.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning
The next ten or so years will be atonement for decades of bad choices, corrupt leadership, living beyond our means, waging wars of choice across the globe, believing blatant falsehoods, exhibiting willful ignorance, ignoring facts, and failing to uphold the Constitution. Don’t think you can escape the consequences of this Fourth Turning. It doesn’t matter whether you lived according to a moral code, avoided debt, worked hard, paid taxes, and generally lived an upstanding honorable life.
The death and destruction headed our way will engulf the innocent as well as the guilty. I’m reminded of the penultimate scene in Clint Eastwood’s dark, brooding, vengeful western Unforgiven when Little Bill Daggett laments to “killer of women and children” William Munny that he doesn’t deserve to die this way. Munny responds, “deserves got nothin’ to do with it.” Then he pulls the trigger. This is the kind of future we will be dealing with, whether we like it or not.