Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened



The agents of Deep State know that the American patriot movement is coming for them with torches and pitchforks.
State of the Nation
The back story to what really occurred in Charlottesville come down to that slogan:

Unite the Right

It there is anything Deep State does not want to see, it’s a united right.
The NWO globalists will do anything in their power — and they have a LOT of it — to prevent a genuine unification of the many different groups on the right side of the political spectrum.
The oligarchy that administers the U.S. Corporation will absolutely not tolerate an authentic patriot movement on American soil.
The power elite who oversees the American political class see the Trump movement as the bane of their existence.
Simply put, the long-running conspiracy between the Washington establishment and wealthy elites to defraud the American people will not risk exposure by today’s fast-growing Truth movement.
On one level, this is why the false flag black op and psyop was carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The powers structure feels that it has no choice but to terminate the patriot movement by every means possible and any means necessary.  Yes, TPTB are that desperate at his late date.  And what follows is a video that illustrates that sheer desperation.
VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper Must Be On The CIA’s Payroll To Destroy Trump
Charlottesville, Virginia — August 12, 2017
Reader, be aware that there are several distinctly different pieces to this fastidiously engineered event that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.  The key elements are as follows:
• Black operation executed by the C.I.A.
• Psyop conducted by the FBI (via COINTELPRO).
• False flag operation implemented jointly by the CIA and FBI
• Highly coordinated fake news offensive by the MSM.
• Orchestrated political campaign carried out by the US Congress against Trump and the Trump movement.
• Charlottesville Police Department plot to stand down.
• Collusion between the Virginia state government and Charlottesville city government to push a patently false narrative
• Soros-paid agents provocateur from the ANTIFA movement stealthily inciting violence.
• White supremacist crisis actors contracted by The Company.
• There are many other critical elements which are beyond the scope of this exposé

Impossible to tease out all the facts
Even though it is virtually impossible to tease out all the facts surrounding this false flag COINTELPRO black operation, it has of all the classic signatures of one.
Obviously, all of the groups represented at the “Unite the Right” rally have been infiltrated by the government.  They always are.
With this basic understanding, it’s easy to see how the pieces of the protest puzzle were surreptitiously put into place over the months leading up to the staged riots.
The circumstantial evidence of a black op is so overwhelming that it is now clear that the entire event was quite purposefully sabotaged by all the usual suspects, especially those concerned agencies of the US government, Virginia state government and Charlottesville municipal government.
Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe has been a HUGE Clinton cheerleader practically forever, so we know where his loyalties lie.  His every action and utterance since the conflagration took place has only confirmed his integral part in this massive conspiracy to bring down the patriot movement.
Likewise, the Charlottesville mayor — Michael Signer — is a longtime Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor.  He’s very deep in this whole conspiracy to taint the genuine protestors as ‘white nationalists’, and he even chided President Trump for “not naming them”.
Were real white nationalists and white supremacists present?  Most certainly.  Can they be an unruly bunch of knuckleheads?  That’s, their MO at times.  Did they go there to disrupt the protest?  The paid COINTELPRO agents among them did, not the real nationalists. They wanted to unite with other likeminded activists in order to strengthen the national movement.
PATRIOTS SPEAK: In their own words about what really happened in Charlottesville
You can’t stop the real supremacists from showing up at a rally designed to “Unite the Right”.  Nor does anyone really know the extent to which they have been co-opted by government agents.  All it takes are a couple of super-aggressive agents provocateur to be the skunk at the picnic.
Charlottesville Police stood down
One thing is for sure: the police were given orders to stand down by someone (Police Chief Al Thomas maybe?  Who gave him the orders?).
This single initiative was directed from the very top of the conspiracy to cause the riotous mayhem that predictably ensued.
Just like the violence that was engineered in San Jose, California by that duplicitous police chief during Trump’s campaign event, Charlottesville follows the same pattern.  It works for them like a charm (police standing down) as far as triggering both spontaneous and/or manufactured violence.
This single misguided manipulation of law enforcement by the involved governments is the dead giveaway that this whole event was fabricated as a false flag operation.  Of course, the white nationalists are blamed for everything these days.  Even though most of these folks are really sincere patriots at heart.
Even White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has been brought into the fray.  He is being falsely accused by the ultra-left mainstream media (MSM) as being the de facto leader of the white nationalist movement.  He isn’t, but the MSM talking heads take every opportunity to drill this falsehood into every reader and viewer they can.  So now the delusional liberal leaders want to know why he does nothing to stop a massive, grassroots-driven, organically grown patriot movement that he has absolutely no control of.
By the way, what power, pray tell, does Bannon have over the Charlottesville police that was deliberately directed not to do their job?
This staged event is only the most recent in a long string of protests/riots that represent the tactical operations of George Soros’s Purple Revolution.  It has all the same hallmarks of his CIA-directed Kiev coup of 2014 as this video clearly explains: Charlottesville protests and Kiev riots have the same Soros fingerprint (Video)
If there is one goal that the U.S. Intelligence Community is determined to accomplish with these violent protests and destructive riots, it is to so malign the patriot movement that no one will want to associate with them.  Even thought the Trump movement is made up of people from every background, the are fundamentally patriots.  To destroy this movement is crucial to the maintaining the hidden power of Deep State.
The MSM has been working overtime to impress upon their audience that the violence in Charlottesville was the work of white nationalist.  They have been presenting this extremely misleading falsehood since Trump was elected.  The CIA-controlled MSM will continue to use this deceitful strategy unto Trump is removed form the White House.
Look to other future events to be staged in the same manner.  Deep State will not pass up any opportunity to forever ruin the patriot movement.  The globalist cabal knows that their NWO agenda cannot be implemented until the Trump movement is destroyed.  Hence, to outlaw these nationalist groups and ban patriot protests is their immediate objective.
State of the Nation
August 14, 2017
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Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened

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Govt and Media Have Fueled White Nationalism And Are Brainwashing America Into Civil War

Aggressive tactics by the government and corporate media have fostered white nationalism and have created an environment that could lead to civil war.

By Matt Agorist – August 14, 2017

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia this Saturday were tragic, hateful, insidious and even deadly. Saturday will most assuredly go down in history as the day America’s festering hate came to a head and proved to the world that this country is being divided — to be conquered. In spite of watching someone’s hatred kill an innocent woman and injure more than a dozen, the violence and hostility marched on.
One would think that the death of an innocent would calm the waters and make people step back and re-examine their actions. However, one would be wrong. Americans are being polarized — deliberately — and we are now seeing the effects.
While there has certainly been a racism problem in this country for some time, the divide has begun to come to a head in the last decade.
Neo-Nazis and white supremacists were fading away. Their ranks were diminishing and their tactics and mission of supremacy based on skin color had become laughable. However, in the past few years, a new faction, ironically spearheaded by the left, began to act as a recruiting tool for white nationalism.
Anti-white rhetoric has fueled hatred and served as a catalyst in the growing movement of white nationalist socialists. By concentrating on skin color — instead of a person’s character — a massive “anti-white” movement was born, and thus the dying white supremacy movement was given new life.
Hate groups in the US grew from 784 in 2014 to 892 in 2015, a 14 percent increase, according to 2016 data by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
As David Marcus points out, white people are being asked—or pushed—to take stock of their whiteness and identify with it more. This is a remarkably bad idea. The last thing our society needs is for white people to feel more tribal. The result of this tribalism will not be a catharsis of white identity, improving equality for non-whites. It will be resentment towards being the only tribe not given the special treatment bestowed by victimhood.
We are now seeing the inevitable result of such irresponsible practices of race shaming. As whites — who may have been on the verge of racism — sat back and watched the mainstream media chastise their skin color, they eventually reached a tipping point. Charlottesville was an example of what happens when this state-sponsored and media supported divide is pushed on the populace.
Once the radical left, who’ve been taught over the past several years to despise ‘whiteness’, saw the epitome of said ‘whiteness’ take over the ‘white’ house, the perfect storm was created.

The ranks of Antifa and similar groups — just like their counterparts in the white nationalists — also began to swell.
When white nationalists and Antifa or similar groups, meet face to face, violence is now inevitable.
These two factions have become a literal representation of the divide and conquer tactics employed through the left/right paradigm.
There is absolutely no denying that minorities are persecuted in this country at a far higher rate than their white counterparts. All the data and all the statistics do not lie — minorities are on the receiving end of police brutality and government oppression more often than white people. However, attacking the white skin color does absolutely nothing to solve this problem.
As Ron Paul pointed out in the 2012 presidential debate,
“True racism in this country is in the judicial system. The percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately. They’re prosecuted and imprisoned way disproportionately, they get the death penalty way disproportionately. How many times have you seen a white rich person get the electric chair or get, you know, execution? If we truly want to be concerned about racism, you ought to look at a few of those issues and look at the drug laws, which are being so unfairly enforced.”
The problem is not skin color, the problem is the state.
While there is no question that racism is alive and well in the United States today, attempting to solve the problem by creating a climate of ‘race shaming’ is like trying to put out a fire by throwing matches into it.
A racist idiot without a badge and uniform is simply a racist idiot, add the power of the state and that racist idiot lays waste to civil rights, initiates violence, and extorts the populace; and it’s called ‘justice.’
As Ron Paul pointed out in the 2012 presidential debate,
“True racism in this country is in the judicial system. The percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately. They’re prosecuted and imprisoned way disproportionately, they get the death penalty way disproportionately. How many times have you seen a white rich person get the electric chair or get, you know, execution? If we truly want to be concerned about racism, you ought to look at a few of those issues and look at the drug laws, which are being so unfairly enforced.”
The problem is not skin color, the problem is the state.
While there is no question that racism is alive and well in the United States today, attempting to solve the problem by creating a climate of ‘race shaming’ is like trying to put out a fire by throwing matches into it.
A racist idiot without a badge and uniform is simply a racist idiot, add the power of the state and that racist idiot lays waste to civil rights, initiates violence, and extorts the populace; and it’s called ‘justice.’
If we don’t wake up to this divide soon enough, however, these little battles in towns across the country will increase into a war. Even though extremists on both sides claim they are ready for this war, the fact of the matter is that it will be a nightmare.
Until we treat people as individuals and not representatives of their race, things will continue to decline. Until we stop putting faith in a system that needs us divided to maintain their control, things will get worse. Until we realize that there is no Us vs. Them, it is only Freedom vs. Tyranny, the decline will continue. Until we become the change we want to see in this world, expect no change at all.

We must stand together as one race—the human race—and strive for liberty, peace, and justice for all — for if we do not, then divided we will fall.
If I take my hand and slap you, you don’t even feel it. It might sting you because these digits are separated. But all I have to do to put you back in your place is bring those digits together.
-Malcom X

Why this all ends in civil war: Radical Left-wing fascism and intolerance meets right-wing nationalism and resistance

Saturday, August 12, 2017 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The entire Left-wing media has erupted today over the so-called “white nationalist” protest in Charlottesville where right-wing groups are protesting the systematic destruction of war monuments and white history in general. It’s worth noting that if the same event were flipped to Muslims, or African-Americans or women, it would be heralded by the Left-wing media as “courageous resistance” against tyranny and oppression. But because the attendees are mostly white conservatives, the event is portrayed as a neo-Nazi, almost “KKK” rally-ish in nature, which is of course a wild misrepresentation of what’s actually happening there. As usual, the Left totally freaks out over everything and sees pointy white hats everywhere they look.
The core assertion of the Left, by the way, is that white people have no right to history or culture. Thus, all monuments, flags and history of “white” America must be wiped clean in a kind of “cultural genocide” run by the intolerant Left. While the culture of African-Americans, Muslims and “progressives” must be celebrated and rewarded, all symbols of “white America” are to be demolished in a style that frankly looks a lot like communist China’s Cultural Revolution.
Meanwhile, radical left-wing groups are arming up all across America, with a group called “Redneck Revolt” (yes, they’re commie left-wingers) recruiting soldiers across 30 U.S. cities and posting documents to their website that teach leftists how to carry out acts of terrorism, torture and mass executions against their intended political enemies.
Another group called “Red Guards Austin” is a heavily armed, Left-wing terrorist group operating out of Austin, Texas. They wear red bandannas, carry “commie gun” AK-47s and call for an armed revolution against the government.

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Ben Garrison On Dirty Politics & “Flirting With Civil War”

August 10th, 2017
Authored by Ben Garrison via,

Robert Mueller is used to dirt. He was complicit in pushing the non-existent Iraq connection to 9-11, which was a lie concocted by Vice President Dick Cheney. (The power behind George W. Bush’s throne). It was a fabrication that led to the death of a half million people. He defended the Patriot Act, torture and unlimited surveillance of the American people. He didn’t question the phony, ‘official’ 9-11 narrative. Like his corrupt associate Comey, Mueller is a Deep State collaborator.


He’s also a bag man who easily bends to political pressure–another similarity he shares with Comey. That’s why he was chosen for his latest assignment: the framing of President Trump. The former FBI director under Bush and Obama probably knows the Russia ‘election hacking’ narrative is nothing but a wild goose chase, so now he wants to investigate Trump’s finances. Even CNN pointed out that this is wrong and beyond the scope. But Mueller isn’t reeling anything in on his fishing expedition so he wants to cast out farther and farther.

After losing the election in a spectacular manner, Hillary and Podesta invented the ‘Russia/Trump collusion’ fairy tale not only as an excuse, but also as a means to divert attention away from their very real criminal corruption. They love to blame their enemies for the evil that they themselves commit, which is an old Saul Alinksy trick. Using the Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering operation, Hillary accepted ‘pay for play’ cash from Russia as part of her Uranium One deal. While she was Secretary of State, her husband received $500,000 for a speech he delivered in Moscow. Putin was obviously buying influence from Hillary. Now that she’s not president and can’t easily cover up her traitorous misdeeds, she found it necessary to paint President Trump as the traitor.

Hillary is using Mueller as her personal bloodhound. He’s out sniffing on a trail with no scent, but he still hopes it will lead to President Trump regardless. A far less pristine trail leads to crooked Hillary as well as Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and many others. Despite the abundance of redolent clues they’ve left behind, Mueller has been assigned to sniff at President Trump. It’s a waste of time and taxpayer money.

It’s a charade designed to hide the criminal misdeeds of the Deep State itself.
They may fabricate lies to remove President Trump, but in doing so they’ll also be flirting with civil war. Too many constitutional republic-loving Americans will not tolerate a coup by the swamp.

Why this all ends in CIVIL WAR

Published on Aug 7, 2017
The extreme polarization of the U.S. citizenry can only lead America to civil war as the delusional Left refuses to embrace reality. All that's necessary now is a catalyzing event, and the extreme, violent Left will unleash mass bombings, violence, arson and more.

The civil war draws near.

Stay informed at and

Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline

Thursday, 03 August 2017 Brandon Smith


Tracking geopolitical and fiscal developments over the past several years is a bit like watching a slow motion train wreck; you know exactly what the consequences of the events will be, you try to warn people as much as possible, but, ultimately, you cannot reverse the disaster. The disaster has for all intents and purposes already happened. What we are witnessing is the aftermath as a forgone conclusion.
This is why whenever someone asks me as an economic and political analyst “when the collapse is going to happen,” I have to shake my head in bewilderment. The “collapse” is here now. It is done. It is a historical fact. It’s just that not many people have the eyes to see it yet, primarily because they are hyper-focused on all the wrong things.
For many centuries now, elitists in power have understood the value of geopolitical distraction as a tool for controlling the masses. If you examine the underlying motivations behind the majority of wars between nations regardless of the era, you will in most cases discover that the power brokers on both sides tend to be rather friendly with each other. In fact, monarchies and oligarchies are historically notorious for fabricating diplomatic tensions and conflicts in order to force populations back under their control.  That is to say, wars and other man-made conflicts give the citizenry something to react to, instead of hunting down the establishment cabal like they should.
One of the greatest illusions of human progress is the notion that most conflicts happen at random; that there are two sides and that those sides are fighting over ideological differences. In truth, most conflicts have nothing to do with ideological differences between governments and financial oligarchs. The REAL target of these conflicts is the people — or, to be more precise, the psychology of the people. Conflicts are often engineered in order to affect a particular change within the minds of the masses or to distract them from other dangers or solutions.
These scenarios are taken at face value by many because, unfortunately, most people have short attention spans. If an observer in 2007 was to be transported 10 years into the future, in 2017 they would find a world in dramatic and horrifying decline. The shock would be overwhelming. Ask an observer today what they think of the state of the world and they might not see much to be concerned about. The human mind becomes easily acclimated to crisis over time. We are resilient in this way, but also weak, because we forget the way things should be in order to deal with the way things are.
We only seem to take drastic actions to improve our situation after we have already hit rock bottom. The year of 2017 has so far been host to some extreme accelerations in crisis and collapse, and rock bottom is not looking too far away anymore.
Four trigger points around the globe concern me greatly, not because I think they will necessarily lead to a disaster any greater than the one we are already living in, but because they have the potential to effectively distract the public from more serious concerns. I am of course talking about the powder keg issues of Syria, North Korea, China vs. India, as well as Russia.
First, let’s be clear, the ongoing destabilization of our economy should be the primary concern of every person on the planet, most particularly those in the West. We are living within the husk of a dead fiscal system, reanimated with the voodoo of central bank stimulus, but only for a limited time. Economic decline is the greatest threat to cultural longevity as well as to human freedom. Even nuclear war could not hold a candle to the terror of financial disaster, because at least in a nuclear war the slate is wiped clean for establishment elites as well as the normal population. At least, in the event of nuclear war, the elites face anarchy just like we do.
In an economic crisis, the establishment maintains a certain level of control and thus its arsenal of toys – Including biometric surveillance grids, standing military support in the form of martial law, as well as the delusion among the populace that things “might go back to the way they were before” given enough time and patience.
There will be no nuclear war.  Perhaps a limited nuclear event, but not a global exchange. There will be no moment of apocalypse as it is commonly displayed in Hollywood films. However, we WILL witness lesser conflicts as a means to turn our gaze away from the economy itself.

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Conspiracy to Remove Trump at All Costs – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter On August 2, 2017

By Greg Hunter’s
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts agrees that Democrats, RINO Republicans, military complex and the Deep State want Donald Trump removed from the White House at any and all costs. Dr. Roberts explains, “That’s correct and, again, it’s several different interests.  The Democrats want him out because they want to be vindicated that he stole the election from them through some form of collusion with the Russians.  The military security complex want him out because they see him as a threat to their budget.  Trump normalizing relations with Russia—they don’t want that.  They need an enemy. The talk of pulling out of Syria also annoyed them.  They don’t want to give up these wars that keep people worried and willing to support the military. . . . The media is mad because Trump disproved all the smart people’s predictions of Hillary being a shoe-in.  Plus, Trump is elected by Americans considered to be deplorable.  The deplorables are white heterosexual males.  They are racist.  They are sexist.  They are homophobes.  They are gun nuts, and these are illegitimate people.  These illegitimate people elected Trump when all of the good people wanted to elect Hillary.  So, you have that kind of left wing crazed ideological element, as well. So, all of these things conspire against Donald Trump.  What is going on is essentially what Attorney General Robert Jackson warned all U.S. Attorneys about in 1940.  He said it is impermissible to pick a person and then go look for some crime he may have committed. . . . And, yet, that’s what the Special Prosecutor is doing in the case of Trump.  We have no evidence of any crime.  Even if there was some kind of Russian collusion, it’s not illegal.  It’s normal for incoming governments to have open discussions with foreign governments.  It happens in every administration.  It’s part of the transition team. . . In the case of Trump, there is no crime, but now there is a wide ranging investigation that has gone far beyond any sort of Russian contacts.”
Who is conspiring to push Trump out? Dr. Roberts says, “I do know about campaign contributions, and they do come from the military security complex, and they come from energy companies.  These are two massive campaign contributors.  So, that’s why the Russian sanctions bill passed.  Of the 535 members of the House and Senate, 530 voted for the sanctions. . . . It’s not the people who put Senators and Congressmen in office, it’s the interest groups that finance their election campaigns.  So, the members of the House and Senate are not responsible to their constituents or voters.  They are responsible to their constituency of their campaign contributors.  In this case, the Congress is perfectly loyal to the energy companies and to the military security complex, and they never are loyal to ‘We the People.’”

Dr. Roberts thinks sanctions and provocations with Russia and China are “acts of war” by the U.S. Roberts contends the U.S. does not want war.  If there is war, Dr. Roberts says it will have nothing to do with a failing economy.  Roberts contends, “The notion that the government is somehow worried about the economy and, therefore, we will go to war, that’s not likely.  In fact, I think the military security complex doesn’t really want a war.  They want an enemy like they had with the Soviet Union for all those decades of the ‘Cold War.’  They want a renewed Cold War.  They want an ever present threat because that keeps the budget funded.  It keeps it growing, and it keeps their power in place.  So, this is what they want, but these things can backfire.  These are the kinds of things that will produce a war.  It won’t be some conscious decision. . . . If you are talking war with Russia, nothing will be left standing.”
On the economy, Dr. Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and holds a PhD in economics, says, “There is no economy there. The markets are rigged.  The Fed has a huge trading desk, and they can trade anything.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.