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Red October

Liz Crokin 10-12-19

The Patriots Just Foiled The [CB] Economic Plan, Patriots Taking Back The Economy 10-10-19

The Fed had no reason to cut rates, the economy is strong they say, so the question is why would they cut rates if the economy is doing better than 2017,2018 where they were raising rates, patriots are in control. The Fed is now fighting amongst each other. Trump and the patriots shutdown the [CB] economic plan, we have now taken back our port.

The Economic Show Is Now Playing, Patriots Prepare The Next Move

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Report date: 10.07.2019

The people of the UK have been promised for 3 years that if they voted to leave the EU the government would listen to the will of the people. But up to now the establishment does not want to abide by the vote. The US is now breaking all economic records statistically, Trump is reversing taxes, regulations and putting currency back into the people's pockets. Trump is now getting ready to go into the next phase, the Fed is already projecting that rates are going to be cut and this was done by an independent [CB].

Denver housing market slowly getting better for buyers


Here’s further smoking gun proof of the UK-Obama deep state plan to spy on and destroy Donald J. Trump. Mark Anthony Taylor shares the bomb shell top secret strap3 sigint GCHQ document which by itself should be enough evidence to have Barak Obama tried for treason.



Things just got incredibly serious here in the United States. With widespread talk of "Civil War" potentially breaking out in America, the United States Marine Corps was issued the signed ORDER, shown below, on deploying inside the United States to assist civilian authorities in event of an "emergency."

This is the first tangible proof that people inside FedGov are extremely concerned about events taking place inside the country; and what may develop here in America.

With radicals in the US Congress attempting to undertake the IMPEACHMENT of President Trump, absent the constitutionally-required "high crimes and misdemeanors" citizens are now openly talking about REVOLT if their freely-cast ballots are negated. Those citizens are saying that the negation of their votes would be outright "tyranny" and that the Founding Fathers of this nation assured citizens were armed with guns (Second Amendment) to put a stop to any outbreak of tyranny!

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Leatherneck Reserves to be Activated

Metro Denver home sales take another tumble in September, but it’s not yet a “buyer’s market”

Sellers face the most competition since 2013; year-over-year, though, sales up 2.2%

By ALDO SVALDI | | The Denver Post PUBLISHED: October 3, 2019

Autumn’s chill has come early again to metro Denver’s housing market, with the pace of sales in September down sharply from August and median prices gliding gently lower.

The number of homes and condos sold in September in metro Denver fell 20.2% from August, but remain up 2.2% year-over-year, according to a monthly update from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.

That decline in sales wasn’t as severe as the 28.2% drop between August and September last year, which confirmed the end of what had been a strong seller’s market.

Jill Schafer, chair of the DMAR Market Trends Committee, which puts together the Market Trends Report, said the market last month was the most competitive that sellers have seen in a September since 2013.

But she dismissed calls that buyers now have the upper hand.

“There have been changes, but we have not shifted to a buyer’s market. Let me repeat that. We have not shifted to a buyer’s market,” Schafer said in an opinion included with the report.

What are some of the changes? Home are taking longer to sell, price reductions have become more common, and sellers are having to make more concessions.

Listings in metro Denver now spend an average of 32 days on the market, with another 37 days under contract, according to the DMAR report. But if a listing undergoes a price reduction, something that happens with 37% of homes now, the time to achieve a sale quadruples.

A price reduction stretches out the average time a listing is active on the market to 58 days, versus only 13 days when there isn’t a price reduction.

Sellers are having to give ground in other ways. About 41% of the homes sold came with a seller’s concession, which averaged $3,682. Two years ago, only 29% of homes received a concession.

The median sold price of a single-family home in September was $450,000, down 1.3% from August, but up 4.65% from a year earlier.

The median sold price of a condo was $312,000, down .08% from August and up 3.24% from September 2018.

The number of properties listed for sale didn’t budge much, coming in at 9,286 versus 9,350 in August. There were 5.4% more homes available on the market than a year earlier.

The report also noted that more short-term rental properties are coming up for sale as Denver cracks down on owners who violate city rules.

BREAKING: Denver is Still a Seller’s Market!

DMAR Real Estate Market Trends Report | OCT. ’19

Homes priced between $300,000 and $499,999 have greatest buyer demand in Metro Denver. The price segments for which homebuyers have gained more negotiating power are condos priced between $750,000 and $999,999 and the single-family homes priced over $1 million.

October 2, 2019

September ended with 2.04 months of single-family home inventory and 2.12 months of condos for sale. According to DMAR, housing inventory under five months is considered a seller’s market.

“In the Denver area, the real estate season is usually busiest from March through September,” said Jill Schafer, Chair of the DMAR Market Trends Committee and Metro Denver REALTOR®. “This year, you could say we’ve been turning from an extremely fast-paced market to a slower moving, healthier one. There have been changes, but we have not shifted to a buyer’s market. Let me repeat that. We have not shifted to a buyer’s market. Sellers still hold the upper hand.”

Schafer adds, “Don’t get me wrong, we have been seeing changes. The number of price reductions has gone up. The spread between the list price and the sold price has widened. And the average days on market went up.”

The rate of housing price appreciation has slowed, but it has not reversed. Overall, while it decreased month over month, the average sold price of a home in September was still up 6.06 percent year over year and 2.52 percent year to date, $483,734 and $487,814 respectively. Year to date, the close-price to list-price ratio was at 99.31 percent in September, whereas it has been slightly over 100 percent since 2015. Furthermore, the days on market has increased 25 percent year to date from 24 days last year to 30 days.

Schafer notes that there are two segments of the housing market for which homebuyers have “a little more buying power”: condos priced between $750,000 and $999,999 and the single-family homes priced over $1 million.

On the other hand, homes priced between $300,000 and $499,999 have greatest buyer demand in Metro Denver. Andrew Abrams, DMAR Market Trends Committee member and Metro Denver REALTOR®, shares: “Months of inventory for homes priced between $300,000 and $499,999 were an astonishing 1.33 for single-family homes and 1.97 for condos. This means that if no houses hit the market in this price range, there would not be any more single-family homes to sell in 5-6 weeks and only two months for condos. This price range has the lowest months of inventory compared to all other segments of the housing market.”

Looking at the numbers, the record-high housing inventory for the month of September was in 2006 with 31,450 active listings, and 2015 represented the record low with 7,516. For comparison, September 2019 ended with 9,286 active listings.

Our monthly report also includes statistics and analyses in its supplemental “Luxury Market Report” (properties sold for $1 million or greater), “Signature Market Report” (properties sold between $750,000 and $999,999), “Premier Market Report” (properties sold between $500,000 and $749,999), and “Classic Market” (properties sold between $300,000 and $499,999). In September 2019, 177 homes sold and closed for $1 million or greater – down 23.38 percent from August and up 39.37 percent year over year. The closed dollar volume in the luxury segment year to date was $2.88 billion, up 10.73 percent from last year.

The highest-priced single-family home that sold in September was $7,200,000 representing three bedrooms, five bathrooms and 5,075 above ground square feet in Boulder. The highest-priced condo sale was $2,800,000 representing two bedrooms, three bathrooms and 3,042 above ground square feet in Denver.

“Like the sizzling hot temperatures, we had in September, the Luxury Market was hot too,” stated Brigette Modglin, DMAR Market Trends Committee member and Metro Denver REALTOR®.

Sales of single-family homes were up 32.48 percent and condo sales were up 120 percent from one year ago. Modglin adds, “Even with the extremely warm temperatures we still welcomed the fall season, which is when we start to see things slow down.”

Month over month, single-family homes in the Luxury Market had price depreciations with homes selling 96.49 percent from list-price to close-price, down 0.88 percent month over month and 0.42 percent from one year ago. Slowing down too was the single-family sales volume that fell 16.47 percent month over month but was still up year over year with an increase of 45.09 percent.

“Don’t slow down too much though,” comments Modglin. “If buyers are wanting to buy a single-family luxury home, now may be the time. With over six months of inventory for homes priced $1 million plus, we’ve moved from a balanced market slightly into a buyer’s market, and home sellers may be willing to give a little more than they did a month ago and even a year ago.”

The luxury condo market was in demand with condos selling 98.11 percent close-price to list-price, up 1.12 percent month over month and up 6.56 percent year over year. Luxury condo sales were ‘scorching hot’ according to Modglin with, year over year, 12 more condos that sold over $1 million and luxury condo sales volume up 135.07 percent.

Like a hot commodity, luxury condos weren’t taking as long to sell with only 37 average days on market, which was down 28.85 percent month over month and down 57.95 percent from one year ago when it averaged 88 days to sell. Luxury condo buyers are paying $191 more per square foot this year than last year with the price-per-square foot up 52.04 percent at $558.

Download The Report Here

The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America

Tuesday, October 01, 2019 by: Mike Adams


(Natural News) The deep state is at war with America. The CIA is running an attempted coup, and all the CIA’s puppet “journalists” (actually nothing more than CIA-run media hacks) are all-in. The Democrats are betting everything that they can remove Trump from office and somehow avoid a popular uprising that would likely see millions of armed citizens taking action to defend this republic against the lawless deep state and its authoritarian rule.

You are witnessing the final chapter. The Democrats, CIA and media hacks are throwing everything at Trump in a last-ditch effort to remove him from office before the 2020 election, which the Dems know they cannot win (because Democrat ideas suck, and they have no ideas other than communism and handing out free stuff to everyone). Just today, lunatic Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters called for President Trump to be “imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement,” probably so the deep state can pull a Jeffrey Epstein on him, where magically all the security cameras simultaneously malfunction while the prisoner is executed.

UNHINGED: Maxine Waters Calls For President Trump to be “Imprisoned and Placed in Solitary Confinement”

The fake news corporate media has abandoned any last shred of credibility and is now literally faking every “bombshell” about Trump, Ukraine, Russia and the so-called “whistleblower” (who is really nothing more than a CIA spy). In reality, all media hacks have become crisis actors who have been handed scripts by the CIA, and they are role playing those scripts to pretend like Trump has been caught carrying out heinous crimes… the very same crimes that Joe Biden actually committed.

Crazed Democrats are obsessed with Trump, but they ignore the real issues facing Americans

This face off ends with just one party left standing. The Democrats cannot survive this if they do not decisively take out Trump, because in escalating this brazen, fabricated assault on our president, Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that they don’t care about any real issues Americans are facing such as health care costs, the collapse of liberal cities and the growing power and corruption of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Instead, Democrats are willing to watch America burn and collapse as long as they think they might be able to get Trump in the process.

Democrats have become terrorists, criminals and lunatics, and they have reached the point of insanity where they quite literally want to see this country burned to the ground rather than witness Trump win a second term.

Understand that this current “soft coup” against President Trump is just the beginning of what they have planned. If this soft coup fails, they have a plan of escalation that will ultimately reach the point where
Deep State Criminals like John Brennan and Barack Obama attempt to carry out plans that include the assassination of President Trump. But that’s not even where this ends. If that fails, they have more moves in store for America, and all these attempts will result in the loss of innocent life. Bluntly stated, if Trump doesn’t order the arrest and prosecution of all these deep state traitors and CIA operatives — across Congress, the fake news media fiction factories and even the judiciary — they will unleash deadly terror and lawlessness across America in a desperate effort to reclaim authoritarian rule (while, of course, ordering the executions of all Trump loyalists).

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