America On The Brink, Armageddon Is Knocking At The Door

Friday, May 26, 2017

By Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

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The war we are fighting is much bigger than anyone can imagine. Traditional WW-I and WW-II were easily defined by borders and the enemy identified. Fighting this enemy is a fight for humanity and involves everyone from school age till death.
Today, corruption and evil have surrounded this planet like a plaque that cannot be eradicated. Our faith has been shaken to it’s core by an enemy that wants to cleanse this earth of “infidels,” a weaponized enemy unleashed by globalist elites for a One World Government.
The agenda has been around for thousands of years and what we are witnessing….is the horrifying climax to an end, but if we believe biblical revelation, a new dawn will follow and humanity will be free again.

Armageddon is very close and growing like a cancer that cannot be contained. The New World Order is forcing the population around the world to accept (our) fate by creating wars between ourselves, with other so-called religions, and the need for governments to save us from ourselves.The “Police State” is growing and our freedoms and liberties are diminishing…all by design.Rogue nations want to nuke America and their neighbors while politicians battle each other over fabricated lies in-order to drive an agenda the direction the globalists want.

A New World Order CANNOT arise from love and appreciation of others, but requires wars, economic collapse, famines, and disregard for truth. A wide range of conditions and situations are constantly in play to cause all nations on this planet to accept a loss of sovereignty while taking control of their citizens, resources, but as long as THEY themselves (at the top of each government) continue to benefit financially, while remaining in power until the One World Government decides otherwise. These traitors use their citizens to gain political power, but are now showing their loyalty to the “Deep State” cabal. Evil has no favorites and those that help submit this planet to the onslaught of enslavement and eugenics will ultimately find themselves among us in the trenches.

Fighting ISIS / al Qaida, or containing North Korea or Iran, is not going to stop the New World Order. The enemy globalists have selected worldwide terror as the mechanism for enslavement, using the ideology from a dark past that cannot be changed by war or , therefore….the war on terror is the globalist elite’s ace-in-the-hole. The god that ISIS and al Qaida follow is NOT the God of truth and love. Their god is the illuminati death cult that began millenniums ago. Their followers are entrenched with lies and deception and willing to die, as their children and their children’s children will continue until the end is complete.

Humanity and the extermination thereof, by the globalist agenda of eugenics to wipe humanity off this planet for prior colonization of their own kind, is underway….. We see their eugenics’ plans in most everything we are involved with… it the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, weaponized diseases…including cancer, the profitable killer. (Note: Research how many doctors with a cure for cancer have been assassinated) They’re (still) spraying the atmosphere with barium and aluminum nano-particles (geo-engineering) known to cause cancer and Alzheimer’s, fluoridating city water, genetically modifying food, sabotaging processed meat with chemicals, and pumping questionable vaccines into the newborn at an alarming rate.

Their eugenics plan will continue to wipe-out generations of families and when needed….THEY will launch their thermo-nuclear wars.
The New World Order “cabal” numbering approximately 13 families own most of the planet and have the best technology available for life extension through artificial intelligence. In conjunction with evil elements in other dimensions, they receive their marching orders with promises of “off world life and power” they hope to achieve by being obedient followers of the death cult. Their centuries of maintaining “clean bloodlines” by incest has backfired, and their actions are those of a “mad scientist” on steroids.
These families live in their own virtual prisons, surrounded by body guards and have everything done for them. THEY cannot venture into a town unnoticed, because they find (us) peasants repulsive and dangerous. THEY want us killed….. THEY also want to take your property, your country and all resources….. But first….THEY need us to help complete their take-over and to do that, they need to brainwash every human they can by deceptive information based on lies from early school age to adult. Altering history and defining what is acceptable or not, is being planted in the minds of those that are ignorant of historical facts. An example is the destruction of Confederate statues and the banning of the Confederate flag “because is represents hate” a fallacy based-on “slavery” that had absolutely nothing to do with the (first) Civil War and was only injected during the latter days by President Lincoln of whom needed a new agenda to win political support for a war the Union was losing.

Supporters of the New World Order agenda(s) have most every college hoodwinked into accepting the Socialist / Marxist plan, and using terms like “Progressive” and “Social Justice” to intrigue young minds into a trendy revolution of hate and race baiting tactics, is the new norm across the planet. The corporate media feeds the Liberal Fascists with the ammo they need to counter attack Conservative ideology, thus giving the enemy, i.e., ISIS and al Qaida “aid and comfort,” including ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and the radical Hispanic Reconquista movement to take-back the southwest U.S. states….not for Mexico, but for themselves. The fight for our freedom is now becoming a daily event, watching our front line conservative media being attacked weekly. Major news hosts are being fired and lawsuits are flying, while the real truth is being hidden from the general public. Those of us that no the truth behind the scenes are targeted and if we lose our front line patriot media force….will face trouble in the near future.Sharia Law is creeping into America and over-taking Europe, a means by which the globalists can fulfill the agenda for absolute control of humanity. The open border agenda allows for maneuvering an enemy into countries worldwide. The “estimated 1%” of the 5,000 plus refugees entering Europe (so far) are considered “Islamic Terrorists,” according to Homeland Security analysts.
Opposition to Sharia Law is labelled “racist and Islamic phobic” and the brainwashed Liberal Fascist are willing to condemn free speech while at the same time…adopt the false teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammed. Liberal western women are promoting the vail of silence, the trans genders and gays are marching for equality for “all” while denying the oppression that Sharia Law has hidden (and ready) for each and every one of them. The Liberal Left Fascists believe that Communism is the solution for their own mental crisis.
The big question for many of us watching this incredible display of absolute stupidity…..will some westerners become “Jihadi suicide bombers” for an ideology that condemns then anyway? I would venture to say YES ! The globalists welcome chaos and mass murder in America as they do in Europe while the most outspoken against this evil are fined and/or imprisoned. The war on humanity is not going to be solved with diplomacy or wide spread extermination of radical Islam by conventional warfare.

We need to accept the fact, the New World Order (Illuminati) will collapse the world economy, create wars, divide populations, cause civil wars, and when all nations on this planet are in compliance, the final stage of Armageddon will exterminate humanity in mass while those of us prepared and willing to fight, will be the hold-outs in various pockets of resistance across the northwest.
Survival is the main reason to resist at every level and NEVER surrender your (best) weapons. Knowing who your friends are and who to trust will be tough, but what else is left for us to do when the planet succumbs to an evil god purported to “return” in our life time, according to Islamic teachings…. followed by Jesus Christ (or spiritual gods) to (later) take-down the New World Order when “peace will prevail for a thousand years.”To win this spiritual war against evil, the world must crush under it’s own demise first, and humanity must prevail…even if there are only 500 million left on the planet, a number the illuminati believe will survive. (See the Georgia Guide stones)

Our reward is in the after life and what we do today, or tomorrow and in the next few years will be reviewed by spiritual identities we finally meet. If WE bow now to what is coming, we will face denial of a righteous afterlife without respect or dignity. When your grandchildren ask as to what grandpa did during the spiritual war of the world, what will be said. We are in a spiritual battle and the New World Order (spiritual war) need each one of us to help them by begging for a One World Government to save us, a false offering of compromises and safety for a peaceful existence. In the meanwhile, we either comply or resist….. If we comply, we will be forced to board the weekly school bus to the local Mosque for Sharia Law training and Quran teachings of (tolerance), and women will submit to Islamic tradition while the husband will turn-in his weapons. In America, Communism will resemble the former Eastern Germany and today’s Communist Cuba….every action and discussion between people will be monitored. But isn’t that evident now by an out-of-control NSA / CIA?
If we don’t comply, (we) will either be rounded-up and transported to re-education camps and likely exterminated anyway….or beheaded on a street corner.

Staying ahead of their game is paramount and keeping the Liberty Movement informed is going to be tough. Alternative Media is under attack, and as the “Deep State” continues to obscure the facts and assassinations are exposed soon, with the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich… implicating the DNC, Hillary and Podesta, the chaos in America will expand exponentially. The “crack-down” is about to begin and we must be vigilant. War is here and it’s just a matter of months (or in one to two years) before patriots will have to exercise our 2nd amendment “rules of engagement” for changing a rogue government if and when the “Deep State” destroy President Trump. Major cities will be “hell holes” and finding a safe area by then will be difficult, therefore…think about the extent of your own involvement and plan accordingly.
From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int’l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer  DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72′ to 76′ U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) ‘Comms Sergeant’ (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst  and Activist to help “Make America Great Again” while exposing the “Deep State” shadow government enemy.
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.

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