Gregory Mannarino Red Alert! Massive Money Printing Unleashed! “We Are Dangerously Close!”

By Live Free Or Die
January 22, 2015

With all eyes now on Europe as shared in the 2nd video below from FTMDaily as massive money-printing has been unleashed as a response to the ever-expanding Euro debt crisis, Gregory Mannarino issues us a HUGE RED ALERT in the 1st video as the global economic situation goes critical and world banks now SO DESPERATE to keep the ‘healthy global economy’ illusion afloat that they are going negative.

Mannarino tells us that today, Thursday January 22, 2015, is another day that will live in infamy as the ECB’s full on money printing will lead to further debt, debt that will eventually have to be ‘balanced out’, and Mannarino warns us that we are now ‘dangerously close’ to that time.

With poor economic news now breaking out across the globe as shared in the 2nd video below from FTM, economist Jerry Robinson shares with us what is REALLY happening now to the global economy and breaks down for us each of today’s top stories including the Swiss National Bank decision to unpeg from the Euro and where that will likely take us as well as an important ‘precious metals’ alert for anyone who is considering investing in 2015. In closing, CFP Thomas Cloud joins the show to talk about the Bible and the amazing facts that there are MORE Biblical verses which discuss ‘money and possessions’ than verses that discuss ‘faith, hope and love’ combined.

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