Hillary’s Alt-Right Revealed


Date: August 26, 2016Author: TruthandLibertyblog.wordpress.com

Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday in Reno, Nevada was a defining moment in the 2016 American Presidential campaign. The reverberations of the momentous event may be felt well beyond the second Tuesday in November, but not necessarily in the way that Mrs. Clinton and her obsequious cronies had imagined.

The Clinton Campaign is clearly attempting to engineer new terminology that will artificially define a massive shift that is taking place in the national electorate. Wednesday the Clinton machine giddily dubbed the upcoming Nevada event ‘The Alt-Right Speech.’ Outside the Red Mountain Building where Hillary was about to speak more than a dozen Clinton supporters were asked how they felt about the Alt-Right. Not one person knew what this new term actually meant (though several exuberant supporters nonetheless noted that they were against the Alt-Right).

This is being mentioned not to tear down Hillary supporters, but to make a critical point.

It is clear that the novel term was carefully crafted. (It was probably focused grouped and all of that.) Alt of course is short for Alternative. This term isn’t necessarily negative in and of itself – but the intent is obviously to convey that the movement, which Donald Trump now embodies, is fringe. The New York Times dutifully picked up on this talking point by running the headline,Hillary Clinton Says ‘Radical Fringe’ Is Taking Over G.O.P. Under Donald Trump. (The corporate media in this country are openly an auxiliary of the DNC – a fact that one LA Times opinion writer acknowledges.)

Next, by deliberately using the term ‘right’ the Clinton campaign is attempting to caricature the movement’s ethos in terms that are revolting to low information Democrat voters. (There are low information GOP voters too so this isn’t meant to be an insult.)

In other words, Team Hillary is trying to position the movement into a pre-defined box, where it can be controlled and, from their point of view, where it belongs.

But the ‘Alt-Right’ is not fringe and it is not strictly speaking conservative – at least in terms of the narrow definition that is now widely accepted.

The reality is that the ‘Alt-Right’ is simply the Liberty Movement. The Liberty Movement is an awakening and is not constrained by narrow ideology and/or lowest common denominator definitions. The movement has a rich constituency of Classical Liberals, Populists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and, yes, disillusioned conservatives who have broken with the faux-reality projection of the Rovian-FoxNews-RNC Establishment combine.

Classical Liberalism – The Liberty Movement actually cares about quintessentially American things like free speech, liberty, private property, and sound monetary policy. It stands in opposition to Hillary-style crony capitalism, the new colonialism of trans-national corporations, and the endless neo-con wars of Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, and yes, Hillary Clinton.

Populist – At the highest levels, the DNC Plantation only feigns compassion for blue collar types and minorities whose cause they merely pretend to champion during silly season. Decades old policies in America’s largest Democrat cities have subjugated this loyal constituency with disinformation, identity politics, and hand-outs that are primarily intended to ensure future votes. Open border policies are another thinly veiled sham to broaden the DNC voter base. The Liberty Movement opposes NAFTA, GATT, and TPP. These managed trade deals are not free trade and they undermine American workers, stack the deck against American companies, and send jobs to third world nations where slave labor is legal. (How progressive!) By re-negotiating or getting out of these bad trade deals America can bring working class jobs back home where they belong, to the benefit everyone.

Libertarian / Constitutionalist – The Liberty Movement opposes needless foreign entanglements, warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the ongoing erosion of Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The First and Second Amendments in particular are the foundation of freedom and individual liberty. Liberty types believe in limited, accountable government, not bloated unaccountable bureaucracies that inevitably exist to increase their own power. The nanny-security state is growing exponentially to enforce Big Government’s endless vague rules and onerous regulations – and more often than not enforcement is arbitrary and selective.

Conservative – The Liberty Movement believes that it should be free to worship, practice religion, and live a moral life. A morally bankrupt Progressive revolution has all but overthrown traditional morality, largely through political correctness. The Liberty Movement sees political correctness for what it is – cultural Marxism designed specifically to target, intimidate, and ultimately silence the Judeo-Christian worldview. Pro-Liberty patriots also stand against Globalism. While there is, at least in theory, likely such a thing as benign Globalism, the Globalists of our time despise America and everything for which it once stood. If this sounds fringe read their writings. Those who haven’t done so don’t have the right to an opinion.

Hillary Clinton is the very embodiment – the incarnation – of this imperial, corrupt, and predator brand of Globalism. Donald Trump is not perfect, but he is real and he cares about the American people and this country. He represents the brand of Liberty that has just been described. Furthermore, by telling the truth and discussing the real issues facing this nation, he has forced Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented (and weak) response.


Hillary’s supposedly narrow-minded and fringe Alt-Right is in reality the diverse and increasingly mainstream Liberty Movement. Hillary Clinton’s desperate appeals to the passé controlled left-right paradigm – a paradigm that the Liberty Movement fundamentally and unequivocally rejects – is a cynical ploy meant to confound low information voters, moderates, and conservatives who are easily intimidated by social pressure.

But the misdirection is in vain. The genie is already out of the bottle and it aint goin’ back in. Rest in peace corrupt Establishment. Liberty or death.

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