Military Must Disarm And Disband FBI For High Treason

Dec 22, 2017 by Andrew Wallace

It is now common knowledge, that if President Trump should fail to disarm and disband the 35,000 FBI employees, using the military, you must prepare for civil war and a complete breakdown of government services. The FBI, members of DOJ, working with high ranking members of both parties, media and the communists have done everything possible to deny an elected president his office. The FBI refuses to comply with constitutional oversight by congress and has long maintained its independence from any constitutional government control. There is only one solution, the FBI must be terminated, it can’t be fixed. Please read my article “God gave us a Warrior, not a Saint to fight Treason”. August 22, 2017, Newswithviews.Com. Use first link below. This article will give you countless reasons and details for why the FBI must go.

President Ronald Reagan had a similar problem in 1981 with the 11.345 member Air Traffic Controllers Union who went on strike grounding 7.000 planes. He fired all of them, with proviso that they could never work for the government again. I was a pilot at the time and it made things more difficult, but it was workable.

In America today, we have no functioning constitutional government, or Rule of Law. Except for President Donald J. Trump, we are being ruled by traitors who are just as fake as our news media and communist schools.
That said, I will make no attempt in this paper to list, or describe the millions of needless criminal and unconstitutional actions allowed or taken by government that has impoverished and enraged the people. Rather, I will predict. not advocate a few major actions that if taken quickly, could prevent much of the treason that is provoking a civil war and destroying our armed forces.

Our Constitution does not permit forcing working people to support the lazy useless idiots produced in our communist cities by schools which indoctrinate with media support. Half of the pilgrims died in 1620 when they tried Communism. In the hundreds of years since 1620, all that the fairy tale of communism has done, is kill millions of people, and enrich dictators.

People in high tax states with Communist (Democrat) cities pay reduced federal taxes, these reductions are then paid for them by citizens in other states. Why should other states subsidize their communism?
If we returned to tariffs, which were used so effectively until 1913, no one would pay income taxes, there would be no need. The Communists could continue to pay high state and local taxes for communist services without our help, while they continue a rush into bankruptcy, anarchy, and civil war.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, in all its forms, is imposing a terrible cost on citizens, and must be terminated for at least 25 years, as it was in the past. Make no mistake, every citizen of the United States, regardless of background is furious that the wall has not been constructed, and every illegal deported, and that includes the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) who we’ve paid for in billions, and are now in their 20s and 30s.

There is no legitimate and effective law enforcement agency in the federal government. The FBI is mostly a criminal enterprise that has grown based upon its blackmail potential and propaganda. The FBI, and all its parts must be terminated, and replaced with the Militia of the Several States as dictated in the Constitution. State crimes are in no way a federal concern, and all federal law enforcement should be terminated in the states. Without honest and effective enforcement of the Rule of Law we will continue to progress rapidly into civil war.
Except for hand out takers, and brain washed pansies, the people are enraged. We have also been cursed with a loud stupid communist minority who believe that gun free zones are possible, and are not killing fields. In truth, all three branches of government, excepting President Donald J. Trump and his team, are mostly imposters and constitutional traitors, willing or not.

There are 15 cabinet level executive departments and many of them are what I call Unconstitutional Communist Departments, and must be terminated. Failure to terminate the Departments of Commerce, Transportation, Interior, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor are acts of Treason. I refer to these departments as the unconstitutional Communist Departments because they are an unlawful attempt to modify our Constitution by usurping the rights of citizens and states for the benefit of Communism and its Criminal Minions of the Establishment. These are my words, but I derived many details from “The Constitution versus the Executive Branch Departments, July 12, 2012, by Lawrence M. Vance”. Another mentor has been” Constitutional Scholar, Publius Hulda, “ The Regulation Freedom Amendment and Danial Webster” December 17, 2017, Publius Hulda’s Blog.

The private Federal Reserve Bank must be terminated as unconstitutional, while we replace the income tax with tariffs and return to a constitutional currency that is neither fiat, nor digital. By the way, the Great Depression was caused by the private Federal Reserve Bank, and not by tariffs.
Our Constitution is ignored by many people due to poor education, media propaganda, or criminal purposes. But many people do read the Constitution and are furious at those who do not comply with it. Judges ignore our Constitution all the time resulting in hatred by the people. States have not been given control of 24% of their land as stipulated in the Constitution resulting in ongoing armed resistance and death. Read my last two articles at for details.

Anyone who takes an oath to serve and protect our Constitution, and then proceeds to support the unconstitutional communist departments, in an attempt to usurp our Constitution are nothing but criminal traitors. Democrat leaders are communists, and by definition are traitors. Islam/Cair is not a religion of peace and by definition can’t support our Constitution. The establishment families and their minions: (government officials, judges, media, bankers, large corporations, educational institutions, et al.) are anti-Constitution.

Not only did Congress and our former presidents establish and fund unconstitutional communist departments with our money, they gave all departments the legal power of all three branches of government (so much for separation of powers). This means that unelected bureaucrats can (1) make a rule,(2) charge you with violating the rule, (3) find you guilty, and (4) determine your penalty. Of course all of this is contrary to our Constitution, they call this unlawful and treasonous procedure: The Administrative State.

Having served in the United States Military, I have great respect for the troops, but I detest the pentagon brass who refuse to protect them. I will never forget the military judges who freed a combat deserter, but refused a trial with due process for an innocent officer and put him in prison. There are admirals who accepted whores and all kinds of bribes while their ships and planes were self destructing with many deaths. Then we have the admirals and generals who are willing to subject their young recruits to sick people who infect them with highly contagious terminal diseases which will cost the VA millions. Sending troops to war with inadequate equipment and training while using dangerous rules of engagement may be the least of pentagon sins.

Homosexuality is a disease, that by its self will cause an early death, people born with this affliction have my sympathy, but the predatory ones attack young recruits who will kill them for doing so. For this to happen high ranking military officers must be communists and have the disease.

Our military could stop the dangerous use of women in combat if they would use the draft for required manpower. You can’t mix unequal abilities and raging hormones in combat. Military training would be great for more young men, but the military could not tolerate the scrutiny of parents who vote, remember Viet Nam.

President Donald J. Trump is certainly no saint, but he is a genius warrior, who relates to the people, and has built the most powerful movement in history. President Trump is the only man who can save our Republic by defeating any combination of Communists from both parties in elections, or if the Republic is attacked, in civil war. President Trump is being attacked every day by the forces of evil, who are traitors, who, I predict that he will defeat, or the people will put an end to them in elections or a civil war, especially if President Trump or the Republic is harmed.

Communists in both parties think they are above the law, superior to common people by birth, and they will lie, cheat and smear President Trump to maintain their elite swamp status.
In a few words. Stop the treason. Kick the communists in both parties out of government. Stop all immigration. Deport illegal’s. Terminate the FBI. Terminate the unconstitutional Departments of Government. End the private Federal Reserve Bank. Replace income tax with tariffs. End the Administrative State. End the treason by judges. Reform corruption by generals and admirals.

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