President Trump Shines A Light On The Year ‘1913’ During CPAC Speech: Launch Of Federal Reserve And Income Tax That Year Began America’s ‘Century Of Enslavement’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

During President Donald Trump’s 2-hour speech at CPAC on Saturday that Nick Gillespie over at Reason wrote a story about titled “Trump Just Might Have Won The 2020 Election Today” Trump sent out a signal flare by calling out the year 1913 as the year that everything began to change for America as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

As Gillespie reported, POTUS bedazzled the crowd with a mix of humor, BS, bravado and a positive vision for America that Gillespie claims no Democrat will be able to match and while we’ve also embedded the full speech as the 2nd video at the bottom of the story in case you haven’t yet seen it, the ‘1913’ remark shows that POTUS knows the importance of that year in US history.

While POTUS specifically references ‘tariffs’, as this Wikipedia entry for the Revenue Act of 1913 points out, that 1913 Act lowered tariff rates from 40% to 25%, effectively ending tariffs as the chief source of income for the United States government, only for it to be replaced by the ‘federal income tax’. And as those paying attention know, the Federal Reserve Bank was also born that year.

As this 2015 story titled 1913 & The Era of Tyranny perfectly points out, 1913 was the year that tyranny was officially born in America with the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution allowing the federal govt to directly tax the people. And as their story points out, taxation of a person’s labor is enslavement in all but name only. The excerpt below is from their story with much more below including an extensive look at the “Century of Enslavement” that the creation of the FED and federal income tax launched in America.:

The Federal Reserve was also born that year allowing the Federal Government to issue “fiat money.” Money that is valued only so long as confidence can be fabricated and maintained by the Federal Government. The Fed can print money to it’s heart’s content devaluing our currency ever so slowly in the process. This is theft by devaluation. One dollar today is not the same as one dollar a mere ten years ago. Stealth wealth redistribution.

The Federal Reserve is made possible only because of the tax base which is the Citizenry of the United States of America.

We are accounts upon which the Federal Government of the United States can perpetually draw upon for any and every misadventure and insane scheme that the Banks, controlling US Corporations and the Fed can fantasize about in their greedy, beady eyed little heads.

Imperial America was born in 1913 made possible by the creation of the Federal Reserve and a permanent funding source that is US, the United States Citizen.

These acts removed any checks that the individual and sovereign States held over the Federal Government paving the way for the Centralized and all too powerful Federal Government that we have today wherein the Executive can take the Nation to war on whims, lies and propaganda and truth be damned.

The Federal Government is now Supreme and all powerful. What it cannot overcome via coercion and threats of violence, it can overcome with pork via the confiscations of the Income Tax and the tyrannical Internal Revenue Service.

Americans are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the Federal Government of the United States of America. We are slaves in all but name.

Try not paying your Federal Income Taxes and see how free you are.

The monies that are collected via the income tax make possible every evil that has been enacted by the Federal Government since 1913.

The Rest Of The Story At The Link Below:

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