Q-Anon Psyop Will Rock The World +Videos

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.


Friends and Associates:

It’s a new year and a few of you with intelligent minds in the Liberty Movement are still relying on fake news (AND SNOPES) to verify everything coming-out about the National Emergency / Executive Order (which is basically a worldwide financial martial law in effect) and the misconceptions about military troop deployment(s) to GITMO. Downplaying what is happening is good and you might be correct (in the end), but what is currently happening, myself and many in the Liberty Movement see the writing-on-the-wall and all dots connect to the National Emergency underway. I can’t emphasize more the reality of what it means to round-up high level government people and somehow expect justice will prevail in a 9th Circuit Court type setting under the Left’s perception of what “Due Process” means is rediculous !!

We’re dealing with some very powerful people that are at the top of the New World Order scheme to enslave humanity. The under-belly of the beast is the child trafficking “spirit cooking” pedophilia activities used to blackmail and create faithful / dedicated followers (around the world), and THEY (were) being rewarded with mega financial dealings (ex. Uranium One)…..but at what cost to humanity?

This is an entirely new ball game extraordinaire and President Trump (and maybe Mueller) are maneuvering for a worldwide take-down.

For my skeptics out here, read an excerpt from a report I issued last week and understand how a psyop works and how this high level intel person known as “Q” is getting intelligence to the world and how the coded messages are meant to reveal activity related to the National Emergency, but also meant to maintain a level of silence from corporate state run media for the purpose of making the round-up low key in-order to avoid a panic.

Note: It was reported to me that Georgia National Guard Military Police are heading to GITMO soon. And for our friend John, the former Secret Service / Federal Marshal guy….keep an open mind and let the cards fall as they may. If they don’t, there is a good reason for it….as I outline below.

Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi FINALLY reporting what we already knew….yes Alex we know you “knew but didn’t report it.”

How the Q-Anon “Psyop” will rock the world

Note: This is what a few of you missed recently and it appears my analysis is correct…..(12/30/17)

“”Finally…to those critics out there in the Liberty Movement that like to project their opinions against others in the movement, don’t shoot the messenger and don’t assume that someone’s analysis of how psychological warfare works on any particular subject is “Fake” or misleading until it all comes out in the wash. The psyop by the CIA and MSM is to counter anything we have to say while providing an alternate explanation by down playing the subject matter in-order to create infighting among both sides of a story / event.

If you are a prosecutor and you want to scare the living hell out of those you desperately need to “flip” in-order to get the big fish, feed the Liberty Movement (of those that want absolute justice) that GITMO is open for business.

However, it may be true and GITMO is open for new detainees of the Bush/Clinton/Podesta types…but if something goes wrong and/or the country turns into a major civil war over sending their precious demons to GITMO, the administration / DoJ can reverse course and blame the Liberty Movement later for putting-out “conspiracy theories,” but on the other hand….if (God forbid) Trump is eliminated, the ONLY documentation, lists and actions, crimes and those involved, has already been disseminated by the Liberty Movement, therefore…we will have done our job and justice would hopefully prevail.

WE cannot be silenced by those in our own movement attempting to take the spotlight by pointing the finger at you or me. Sharing intel is the name of the game, regardless if it turns out incorrect, but doesn’t necessarily mean an event, i.e., GITMO is incorrect. The facts are presented with an analysis and it’s up to you to determine if the analysis is correct or not based-on the actual facts (at the time).

How the government and media spin-it later does not necessarily mean the analysis was incorrect. Example……a neighbor’s house is in need of a paint job and you see a painter show up to give an estimate, therefore your analysis that day is factual in that, “the neighbor intends to have his house painted,” but weeks go by and nothing happens.””


It’s NOT that I am trying to convince anyone either way about what we are analyzing, I am only asking that you read the entire report and watch certain videos provided before attempting to down-play or dismiss anything as “Conspiracy News.” I’m not totally convinced that certain high level targets will end-up in orange jumpsuits at GITMO, but all indications are….there’s something going-on and it ain’t just troop rotations.


–Dave Bertrand

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