The Psychological Reasons Why Americans Have Embraced Their Enslavement

23 Feb, 2015 by Dave Hodges


Knowledge is a precursor to action and self-empowerment. Subsequently, how and where we get our news is critically important. This article explores how America sits upon the abyss of total brainwashing and how the last vestige of unbiased truth is about to disappear.

The Digital Age of News

Just over 75% of Americans get news at least daily, including 60% of adults under age 30, from the Internet on a regular basis. Almost half of all American adults with access to the Internet subscribe to news alerts. Among smartphone owners, 78% use their device to get news. Seventy-three percent of tablet owners use their device to get news.

“The use of social media does vary by age group: 7 in 10 adults under age 30 say they learned news through social media in the last week, 6 in 10 of those age 30-39, 4 in 10 age 40-59 and 1 in 5 for those 60 or older. Social media, in other words, has become a significant part of the news consumption habits for many Americans across generations”.
Despite the omnipresence of the Internet as the predominant means that people under the age of 40 get their news and information, Americans are largely clueless that Obama’s FCC has produced a 322 page “net neutrality” document which is so ominous that it nearly guarantees the end of the Independent Media as we know it.

Last night, I interviewed Doug Hagmann about this threat to free speech and uncensored information. Just like Obamacare and the Trans Pacific Partnership, once again, even Congress is not allowed to see the 322 page document. However, leaks would indicate that Internet content will be controlled under hate speech legislation and is designed to promote a prevailing Obama-inspired social and political agenda and that the use of the Internet will soon become prohibitively expensive to use. This is a huge victory for the dying mainstream media and the corporate moguls who have hijacked our government and they are now ready to completely hijack the truth.

It is not surprising that the globalists would try and censor free speech on the Internet because people are increasingly preferring to listen to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report on the Internet, than they would prefer to watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on corporate controlled television. What is surprising is that Americans are seemingly taking this censorship lying down and not even putting up a semblance of a protest.

Three Psychological Reasons Why Americans Are Politically Paralyzed

For years, I have said that Americans would be motivated to take to the streets with pitchforks, if the government did two things: (1) try to confiscate guns; and, (2) take away the free and uncensored Internet. I may have been wrong on these two points, because, according to Doug Hagmann, we could be days away from losing the freedom associated with the Internet.

There is a set of psychological reasons why our people, even those that are seemingly more awake than most, would accept this latest tyranny from their government. We know about cognitive dissonance which prevents people from seeing the totality of a threat and thus inhibiting their personal ability to make the paradigm shift needed to accurately perceive the threat. We also know about bystander apathy which stands as an obstacle to getting involved because in this large country, “someone else will do it”. And there is a third psychological reason which prevents us from getting involved because we have been conditioned that our actions cannot make any difference which is reflective of a condition called, learned helplessness.

The Brainwashing of America

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government will care for them in their time of need. Has this time in American history been foretold? I believe that it has and that H. G. Wells was the prophetic messenger of the New World Order.

Wells actually understood a concept that modern day psychologists refer to as learned helplessness and he wrote about it in his book, The Time Machine, which was originally published in 1895 and the book was later made into a 1960 hit movie by the same name. The book prophetically told of a time in the distant future where the “normal” inhabitants of the earth would be docile, passive and suffer from the condition that modern day psychologists refer to as “learned helplessness.” What is learned helplessness?

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