This Is Why America Is Rampaging Towards Civil War And Nothing May Be Able To Stop It: Evil Doesn’t Care About ‘The Truth’, Nor ‘Playing By The Rules’, In Its ‘Alternative Reality’

March 20, 2018 By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Going back decades, the usurpation of America that has allowed people such as just-fired FBI-trash Andrew McCabe to accumulate over 11 million dollars in unfound wealth while selling their souls and the national integrity of our nation’s most pre-eminent law enforcement agency to protect and conceal corruption at the very highest levels of US politics has created a very real ‘alternative reality’ in our country. A reality where truth is called lies and lies considered ‘what is real’.

With that ‘alternative reality’ perfectly seen in Hillary Clinton being one step away from the presidency in 2016 and adored by tens of thousands despite a laundry list of crimes including treason that would have led to her execution in almost any previous era and in many countries to this very day around the world, as Susan Duclos reported on ANP on March 17th, those who are now screaming the loudest in their panic against President Trump’s mission to return America to the rule of law are clearly among the ‘most guilty’ and they’ve for decades inhabited the highest places in our justice system here in America.

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